‘Star Wars’ fans name the one thing they’d love to permanently erase from canon

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Image via Lucasfilm / Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It’s a truth universally (or at least, galactically) acknowledged that Star Wars fans tend to be more critical of the franchise than people who think Star Wars is just OK. While the original trilogy is sacred and The Mandalorian is widely adored, there’s plenty about the saga, especially in the Disney era, that diehards can’t stand. But if they had the power to remove just one single thing from the whole wide Star Wars canon, what would they pick?

Redditor u/conn_r2112 was the one to kick this particular hornet’s nest by asking the r/StarWars community for their answers to this hot take-inducing question. The OP got the ball rolling with a choice that a lot of fans would no doubt agree with: midichlorians.

Another classic suggestion.

And it looks like The Book of Boba Fett‘s “Space Vespas” are destined to become a legendary Star Wars punching bag, too.

Most picks, however, unsurprisingly came from the same source: The Rise of Skywalker. Specifically, Palpatine’s resurrection is the number one worst crime in SW history for many.

Somehow, fans wish Palpatine hadn’t returned.

The TROS suggestions keep on coming.

Maybe just erasing all of TROS would be simpler.

“Toxic fans” would be a great answer, except we’re not sure they actually exist in-universe. Although maybe you could call Jabba the Hutt a toxic fan of Max Rebo?

Some folks are getting sacrilegious, meanwhile, and want to remove the whole center point of the whole Skywalker saga: Anakin’s Chosen One prophecy.

Once again, this thread proves that there’s a lot Star Wars lovers love to hate about the franchise, although it definitely seems like most would erase a part, if not all, of Rise of Skywalker if they could. But unless Kathleen Kennedy announces her departure and chooses her replacement by plucking a random username from Reddit, the canon’s probably staying as it is.