Star Wars: A New Hope’s Who Shot First Scene Has Been Changed Again For Disney Plus


“Ches ko ba tuta creesta crenko ya kolska,” some might say of the launch of Disney Plus. Oh, sorry, in common language, that Huttese translates to “I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.”

Finally, all those Star Wars movies are available for streaming and those of you wondering what versions of the Original Trilogy the House of Mouse would put up for us now have your answer. But unfortunately, the films seem to have been changed even further.

Infamously, the “Who Shot First” scene from Star Wars: A New Hope was altered for the reviled “Special Edition” re-releases in the late 90s. Those changes transitioned the scene from Han shooting first to Greedo getting a shot off, missing and Han returning fire. Han’s head also turned to rubber and his neck moved at a smooth 180 degree sideways angle to, uh, “dodge” the shot.

Now, in the Disney Plus edition, this happens:

Uh, yeah. Now it’s even harder to see what exactly’s going on. It all happens so fast, kind of a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it type moment instead of a character establishing moment. We also now have an added, untranslated line of dialogue from Greedo, possibly egging Han on in Huttese, what with that weird snarl he seems to do. Han’s head still does the dumb sideways “dodge,” although it’s hardly visible.

Eh, can nothing be left alone, right? Fans have been clamoring for a re-release of the original, unedited, unchanged versions of the Original Trilogy for years now, something we haven’t seen since the early 90s box set was released ahead of the Special Editions. Is this a dealbreaker for me, personally? Hah, not really, as I’m too broke to afford another streaming service as it is anyway. But for some people? It may very well be.

Much like grungy teens in the late 80s with their MTV, I’ll defiantly say: “I want my Star Wars!”