Is Kylo Ren The True Hero Of The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy?


So, there’s a new Star Wars: The Last Jedi fan theory doing the rounds and it asks is Kylo Ren actually the true hero of the Sequel Trilogy? Reddit user Emperor Joker makes some interesting points in a lengthy argument which frames Ben Solo as the hero of the new saga as opposed to the general consensus that he’s a more interesting villain than Darth Vader himself.

The argument begins by detailing the fact that Ren had the chance to end both his mother Leia and the Resistance in one fell swoop, but instead chose not to. He also turned on Snoke and split him in half when the Supreme Leader himself ordered him to strike Rey down. He’s a conflicted character for sure, but a hero? Hmm…

Where the argument gets interesting though, is when Emperor Joker suggests that Rey’s main drive is the pursuit of glory, whereas Kylo Ren simply needs to make a personal connection. This certain point of view is backed up by the fact that Luke Skywalker saw Rey embrace the Dark Side to get what she wants, while Ren wants to kill the past to finally move on from it all.

The idea continues to predict that the Resistance ends up building their own super weapon to target the First Order, and that eventually drives Rey crazy with power. This is an intriguing subversion of the usual Star Wars tropes which could fit well with what’s already occurred in the new trilogy.

Perhaps Star Wars: Episode IX will even feature one final fight that sees Rey against Ren with her anger getting the better of her, whilst he learns to control it in true Jedi fashion, and Rey being struck down after succumbing to the Dark Side? How’s that for a conclusion to the Sequel Trilogy?