Star Wars: The Last Jedi Tickets Going On Sale Next Week


Can you feel that? There’s without a doubt a palpable sense of heightened excitement in the air now as we draw closer and closer to the release of Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It was a relatively low-key summer for the film, but now, with only about two months to go, things are really starting to kick into gear. Not only do we have the new trailer to look forward to on Monday, but according to Screen Rant, tickets will go on sale at that time, too.

It’s important to note that Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to confirm this, but there’s no reason to doubt the report and with the next chapter in the sci-fi saga set to blast into theatres on December 15th, it makes sense that tickets are about to be made available to the public. Not to mention that it’ll tie in quite nicely with the new trailer’s release, ensuring that hype for The Last Jedi is at an all-time high. In fact, we imagine that Disney will actually include some sort of message at the end of the preview, letting fans know that they can now purchase tickets.

Chalk that up as speculation, but if one thing’s for sure, it’s that the marketing blitz for the film is really about to begin. And honestly, it’s about time. Aside from the first teaser trailer that dropped back at Celebration and a handful of photos that’ve surfaced since, we’ve yet to see very much from the hugely anticipated release. Thankfully, though, that’s all about to change and we couldn’t be more excited to lay eyes on the next chunk of footage from Episode VIII.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi lights up theaters on December 15th. It’s one of three major Star Wars projects in active development – the other two being Lucasfilm’s Han Solo origin story and the so-far untitled Episode IX.

Furthermore, word is Rian Johnson and Co. have rustled up a cliffhanger ending – not unlike Empire – which ought to leave Star Wars fans on edge right up until the launch of the J.J. Abrams’ film in 2019. And that’s December 2019, after Lucasfilm chose to delay the threequel soon after the swift appointment of the aforementioned director.