Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Rumored To Be Delayed Until 2024

Patty Jenkins

There’s always a domino in effect in Hollywood that can be kicked off by even the slightest change, and if a recent spate of rumors are to be believed, there’s one barreling towards Star Wars as we speak.

A couple of days back we heard that a new movie set in a galaxy far, far away was set to enter production next year, but it wouldn’t be Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron, or the other pair of blockbusters being developed by Kevin Feige and Taika Waititi.

Then, Star Wars News Net followed that up by offering that the mystery project could be set during the Old Republic era, tying back to an announcement made almost three years ago, which named Alita: Battle Angel and Terminator Genisys‘ Laeta Kalgoridis as having signed on to script an entire trilogy.

In the report, it’s claimed that should the untitled Star Wars film shoot next year, it’ll take the December 2023 release date currently occupied by Rogue Squadron, which would then find itself pushed back twelve months. Should that happen, then the knock-on effect would also hit the DCEU’s Wonder Woman 3, which was fast-tracked into development last December, so we’ll be very curious to see what comes of all the speculation.