Wonder Woman 3 Could Reportedly Feature Supergirl

Last month’s second annual DC FanDome has raised the hype for Wonder Woman 3, as director Patty Jenkins, star Gal Gadot and OG Wonder Woman icon Lynda Carter teased a little bit about the threequel at the recent event. Specifically, Carter confirmed she would be back as Astoria, following her cameo at the end of Wonder Woman 1984, which tells us we can look forward to the two Wonder Women teaming up.

In fact, it sounds like WW3 might be something of a celebration of the superpowered women of DC. Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph has shared on social media that she’s heard there’s a “good chance” that Sasha Calle could follow up her debut as the Girl of Steel in The Flash movie by returning as Supergirl in the Gadot vehicle. What’s more, other female heroes could apparently show up, too. Hawkgirl is said to be “being considered.”

We were kind of expecting The Flash to just be the start of Calle’s career in the DC universe, so a potential team-up with Diana Prince isn’t that surprising. In fact, other sources have said she could be getting her own HBO Max TV series, as well. There’s still much we don’t know about this incarnation of the iconic character — we’re not even sure she’s Kara Zor-El — but clearly Warner Bros. is confident audiences are going to take to her.

As for Hawkgirl, Hawkman is due to debut in Black Adam, as played by Aldis Hodge, but as far as we know his immortal love interest is not going to appear alongside him. Shayera is just as beloved with fans as her husband Carter Hall, however, thanks to her starring role in the Justice League animated series. So it adds up that WB would be looking to add her into the DCEU ASAP.

Given how busy both Gadot and Jenkins are, Wonder Woman 3 is a ways away, but at least it sounds like it could be a big improvement on the divisive WW84 when it eventually arrives.