Stargate Reboot Reportedly In Early Development


When people think of Roland Emmerich, their minds will instantly wander to his mega budget disaster epics that pulled in massive numbers at the box office like Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and 2012. And while they’ll always be known as the defining movies of his career, which is hardly surprising when the filmmaker is referred to as the Master of Disaster, he initially got his foot in the Hollywood door by tackling militarized sci-fi actioners.

After Universal Soldier pulled in $80 million on a $23 million budget, the second collaboration between the director and his writing/producing partner Dean Devlin saw the duo move onto Stargate. The effects-driven adventure made close to $200 million at the box office and scored decent enough reviews, but the studio didn’t appear to see much franchise potential in the concept.


However, Stargate found a cult following, one that only increased when the property was reinvented for television, launching small screen favorites SG-1, Atlantis and Universe, web series Origins and the animated Infinity, along with straight to home video movies The Ark of Truth, Continuum and Children of the Gods.

A feature-length reboot of Stargate has been in the works for years now, with Emmerich and Devlin once set to return for an entire trilogy, but those plans ended up stalling and there’s been no further news since. That being said, insider Daniel Richtman claims that another cinematic reinvention of the property is in early development, although he’s unable to share much more than that. So at this stage, we can’t determine how far along the process it is or whether or not it even retains any plot or story elements from the pitch that’s been floating around since 2013.