Steven Seagal Rolls Back The Years In Exclusive Clip For Action-Thriller End Of A Gun


Meet Decker. He’s a former federal agent turned mall security guard – Paul Blart, eat your heart out – played by action veteran Steven Seagal. More often than not, he also finds himself on the End of a Gun, which is exactly where or our grizzled hero is placed in this exclusive, action-packed clip for Keoni Waxman’s thriller.

Rolling back the years, Waxman’s genre piece is one of a number of Seagal vehicles simmering in the works, given the esteemed actor also holds roles across The Asian Connection, The Perfect Weapon, Code of Honor and Sniper: Special Ops – we’re beginning to sense a pattern emerging – all of which are slated for release in 2016.

In terms of End of a Gun, though, it’s booked in to hit theaters on September 23, when the Seagal action flick will also become available across select VOD services. Chuck Hustmyre penned the script with Daniel Grodnik and Binh Dang producing. The Exchange had initially unveiled the actioner back at Cannes earlier this year, where Grindstone Entertainment Group snapped up US rights.

Look for End of a Gun to blast its way into select theaters and VOD services in two weeks’ time. Below, you’ll find an action shot of Steven Seagal back in the fold.


A mall security guard — and former federal agent — crosses paths with a drug kingpin’s enforcer after he saves a woman from danger.

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