Steven Soderbergh Channeled Hitchcock, Polanski & Nabokov For Side Effects

Steven Soderbergh – a director who has been aptly referred to on many occasions as a “chameleon” – doesn’t seem to take a break. He’s always got a new movie on the way, and every project with his name attached always comes out completely different from the last. The man needs to take a chill pill. Speaking of which (and here’s the segue-way), The Bitter Pill is coming out soon, isn’t it? Oh, but the title has been changed to Side Effects? But it’s still about pills, so the segue-way works.

Anyway, screenwriter Scott Z. Burns recently mentioned that Soderbergh has been heavily influenced by Alfred Hitchcock, Roman Polanksi and Vladamir Nabokov during the making of Side Effects. Hopefully he didn’t mean he was inspired by a particular fondness for young girls when he cited the last two. I know, I know, Nabokov just wrote about it. It’s a joke. Geez.

What it really means, of course, is that the film is going to play out like a psychological thriller, much as the work of Hitchcock and Polanski did (or does, I guess. Is Polanski still working? Is he okay?). Burns also shared that Lolita’s manipulating nymph Dolores shares a few similarities with Rooney Mara‘s character here.

The film also stars Channing Tatum, Jude Law and Catherine Zeta-Jones and will be out in theatres Feburary 8th 2013.

Soderbergh’s last film with Tatum made a profit, of like, $150 million on a tiny budget, but that was because the poster promised girls that Channing Tatum would get undressed and dance about provocatively.

Will he get undressed in this movie, too? Do you want him to get undressed in this movie, too? Those are the most important questions, I guess, from a marketing perspective.

Source: TheFilmStage