Steven Spielberg’s next movie coming to theaters in November 2022


As well as being one of the greatest directors of all time, not to mention the single most successful in terms of nothing but box office returns, Steven Spielberg is also one of the most prolific.

Having mastered his craft a long time ago, the bearded legend is famed for bringing his productions home on time and typically under budget, making the arduous task of filmmaking look like a breeze. West Side Story hasn’t even been released yet, but Deadline reports that Spielberg’s next feature The Fabelmans has already staked out a November 23, 2022 bow.

west side story

His musical remake is generating plenty of awards season buzz while winning plaudits as one of his best in decades, and The Fabelmans could be poised to do exactly the same. The semi-autobiographical drama is based on Spielberg’s own upbringing, so it promises to be his most personal film yet.

Gabriel LaBelle is lead Sammy Fabelman, based on the young Spielberg, with Michelle Williams, Paul Dano and Seth Rogen playing loose interpretations of his mother, father and favorite uncle. The release date puts The Fabelmans in direct competition with Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut Creed III, so we’ll be interested to see if either one of them blinks given that each project is an emotionally-driven tale that comes packing plenty of name value.