Streaming fans left mortified by one of the last decade’s worst horror movies


It goes without saying that very few horror movies receive rapturous acclaim from critics and audiences, at least in terms of percentages based on the number of would-be scary titles that arrive annually, but a scant number have proven themselves to be much worse than 2012’s The Apparition.

To be fair, most people were expecting a catastrophe when Warner Bros. opted not to give the project much of a marketing push, or even a particularly high theater count when it hit the big screen, despite an August release date presenting ample opportunity to recoup the modest $17 million budget, and then some.

As it turns out, the studio probably made the correct decision in trying to bury The Apparition, because it was awful. You’d be hard-pressed to find many studio-backed frighteners bearing a cast of recognizable names that have fared worse than the 3% score writer and director Todd Lincoln’s feature-length debut landed on Rotten Tomatoes, never mind the embarrassing 24% user rating.


Somehow, though, The Apparition has only gone and landed a Top 10 spot on the HBO Max viewership charts in no less than 20 countries per FlixPatrol, which is a head-scratcher to say the least. Maybe they were lured in by Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, or Tom Felton, but they’ll definitely end up regretting it.

The plot finds a malevolent spirit feeding on the fear generated by Greene and Stan’s formerly happy couple, with Felton’s paranormal expert trying to lend a futile assist in an effort to try and get rid of a demonic entity that was born from an experiment gone wrong, but their fates won’t concern you looking at the quality on display.

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