New Study Reveals That Marvel Is More Popular Than DC

Iron Man

The age old Marvel vs. DC debate is one that’s generated discussion and argument among comic book fans for decades, and the volume has only increased since the advent of social media, especially with both companies deciding to dive headfirst into creating a shared universe of big budget superhero blockbusters.

Despite what some folks may try and tell you, it’s perfectly fine to enjoy Marvel and DC equally, and there’s no real need for it to devolve into rampant tribalism. However, a new and pretty extensive study has looked to put the question to bed once and for all to try and find out which outfit is more popular around the world, and the findings have given Marvel the edge.

Retailer Game analyzed Google search data and even broke it down into the minutiae of separating the data by nation and state. Over 60 countries were involved in the findings, and Marvel was searched more often than DC in 51 of them. Marvel was also came out in front in 28 of the 50 U.S. states, with Spider-Man the most heavily Googled superhero of them all on a global basis.

Wonder Woman placed just behind the web-slinger, with Batman in third and Iron Man in fourth. In terms of the villains, Thanos took top spot ahead of the Joker and Venom, with the fourth most-searched comic book antagonist being the relatively obscure mutant Emplate, a character that’s never been seen in live-action but is clearly a popular presence among X-Men readers.

Of course, all of the data is based on internet searches and nothing else, and we’ve all been known to Google things out of curiosity rather than any sort of vested interest, but there’s still plenty of interesting information contained within the Marvel vs. DC study nonetheless.