Gorgeous Fan Poster Features Willem Dafoe’s Joker And Robert Pattinson’s Batman


Matt Reeves and his crew might not even have been given the all-clear to head back to work on The Batman yet after the Dark Knight’s latest reboot was halted just weeks into shooting as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, but there’s already plenty of speculation doing the rounds about what the future holds for Robert Pattinson’s version of the iconic superhero.

With The Batman not set to be considered part of DCEU canon following confirmation that Michael Keaton’s impending return to the fold will set the multiverse up as the franchise’s next major storytelling device, the movie won’t be bound by the shackles of having to connect to the rest of the studio’s output.

The latest big screen interpretation of the Caped Crusader is widely expected to launch a trilogy, and despite having one of the most extensive rogues’ galleries in comic book history, a new Batman movie never comes to pass without mention of his arch-nemesis. The multiverse already allows both Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix’s versions to exist in the same space, so there’s every possibility that another Clown Prince of Crime could be introduced to torment Pattinson’s rookie crime-fighter as well.

Willem Dafoe has spent three decades as a fan favorite choice to play the Joker, and now a new fan poster from Psychboz imagines the two co-stars of The Lighthouse reuniting to tackle cult supervillain The Batman Who Laughs, and you can check it out below.

In the pages of DC Comics, The Batman Who Laughs is a terrifying amalgamation of the best parts of Batman and the worst parts of the Joker from an alternate reality, and while that seems a little too wild and out-there for the more grounded universe that Reeves is building, based on recent events, nothing can be entirely ruled out anymore when it comes to the DCEU.