Stunning New Photo Introduces The Fugitive Predator


Having seen the original Predator wreak havoc back in ’88 with his own eyes, Shane Black knows a thing or two about cinema’s ugliest motherfucker. Which is why we’re hopeful that his star-studded reboot, simply titled The Predator, will be able to deliver the goods when it lands in theaters later this year.

We’ve seen quite a bit of it already, but now, ahead of the film’s panel later today at San Diego Comic-Con, Fox has released a brand new photo for us to feast on. Though no context or additional information was provided in regards to the scene in question, we’re told that it features what’s being referred to in the movie as the Fugitive Predator.

Again, we don’t know too much about this guy just yet or what he’s up to here, but he looks incredibly badass and not someone (something?) you’d want to mess with. Sporting shiny, sleek armor, and seen hunched over a control panel of sorts, you can check out the Fugitive Predator in all his glory down below.

Set in suburbia, the pic marks the first entry into this most beloved franchise in almost eight years, so it’s fair to say that the long-awaited reimagining has been shackled with great expectation. But judging by all the footage Fox has been pumping out – and again, there’s been a lot of it – we’re quietly confident that the filmmakers can deliver the goods. Not to mention some zippy one-liners to boot.

And make no mistake, with its deft balance of practical and visual effects, plus the great amount of care and time that’s gone into each Predator design, this looks to be an authentic reboot/sequel to the original cult classic, one that we’ve been waiting an awful long time to sit down and watch.

“Good luck killing something you can’t see…” Shane Black will hope to reintroduce The Predator with fire and fury this September.