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Shane Black Compares The Predator To An “Espionage Thriller” As New HD Image Emerges

Via Empire, The Predator director Shane Black has likened his forthcoming reboot to an espionage thriller with a global scope.

Shane Black’s long overdue reboot of The Predator has been described as many things – an “utterly fresh” revival of the sci-fi franchise, for instance, while the film seemingly adds a “wicked sense of humor” to the CG carnage.

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It’s no wonder Black’s all-star thriller is among some of the most-anticipated movies of fall 2018 – ditto for Venom, The Nun and Halloween, which are all poised to release in and around the same window – and now that The Predator has shared its first-look teaser, Empire has captured a new action shot of the titular beast in action. And it spells bad news for Boyd Holbrook’s Special Forces commando, Quinn McKenna.

Leave it to Olivia Munn’s scientist Casey Bracket, then, to swoop in and save the day, as she prepares to open fire on an unsuspecting Predator before it rips out Quinn’s spine. Or something to that effect.

Alongside the media dump, Shane Black also offered some insight into the movie’s global scale, saying:

There’s more a sense of espionage thriller to this one. The Predators have attracted attention now, and the global intelligence community is involved.

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What you see above is essentially a wide-angle shot of yesterday’s leaked image, which zeroed in on the Predator and the hapless Quinn McKenna. And just as we suspected, Boyd Holbrook manages to wriggle out of this particularly hairy situation with his life intact, no thanks to Olivia Munn’s whip-smart scientist, who soon comes to the shocking realization that the Predators have been harvesting DNA from other planets on their journey to Earth in order to accelerate their own evolution. Yikes…

Look for The Predator to descend into theaters worldwide on September 14th.

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