New Suicide Squad Banner Teases The Clown Prince Of Crime

After debuting a new poster last week, Warner Bros. continues their marketing blitz for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad today with a brand new banner for the DC comics adaptation, which you can check out below. Very similar to what we’ve seen before with the film’s promo material, it features the “Worst Heroes Ever” with the Clown Prince of Crime being teased in the background.

There’s obviously nothing here that’s particularly new, but it’s another strong reminder of the wacky and wild characters that we’re about to be introduced to. And with under two months to go now, we really can’t wait to jump into this world, especially because everything we’ve heard about it so far has been extremely positive.


From test screenings calling Suicide Squad mind blowing to Warner Bros. already ordering up a few spinoffs, all signs point to the film being a hit. Or at the very least, they point to it being than Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – thought that’s not exactly going to be very difficult, given how wholly mediocre Snyder’s film was.

Either way, at this point, we’re all very, very excited for Suicide Squad to burst into theatres on August 5th, 2016.