Suicide Squad Could Be Spun Into A “Zillion” Movies, According To David Ayer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock far, far from civilization – or consumed by MMO sensation Pokemon Go – you’ll know that Warner Bros. and David Ayer will soon assemble Task Force X when Suicide Squad marches into theaters in only a few weeks’ time.

Acting as the first live-action rendition of DC’s notorious anti-heroes, Ayer’s comic book movie has fast become one of, if not the most-anticipated movies of the summer, and the director firmly believes that Suicide Squad could be spun into “a zillion films.”


Speaking to Comic Book Resources during a Toronto set visit, Ayer championed the multi-faceted nature of Task Force X.

“Because of the nature of the comic book universe and the DC Universe, it’s really infinite in any way you can go, especially the DC Universe. I think it’s one of the most complex fiction universes with ‘Crisis’ and pre-‘Crisis’ and the multi-dimensional nature and all the timelines. Each one of these characters could be their own film. The Suicide Squad could be a zillion films.”

Considering the vast array of images, TV spots and clips that have surfaced for Suicide Squad, it’s a miracle that the core story hasn’t been exposed online. That’s something that David Ayer also touched base on, but stopped short of revealing which arc his feature film will adapt. It is canon, though, so let the guesses commence.

“The backbone of this story is right out of canon, and it’s one comic book. I’m not going to say which one. That’s just one out of a two-foot stack. The potential is always there, but as a filmmaker, you have to make the movie work and stand it up on its own two legs and be utterly complete as an experience. Otherwise, you are doing the movie injustice.”

In related news, yesterday brought word of advanced ticket sales, Scott Eastwood’s role and how the Caped Crusader fits into proceedings.

Suicide Squad will finally release in theaters on August 5.