Suicide Squad Motion Posters Present Individual Vignettes Of Task Force X

If Warner Bros. started out Suicide Squad‘s marketing campaign with the intention of transforming Task Force X from an obscure comic book entourage into household names, few would argue that the studio has succeeded – and succeeded in style.

The latest promo to emerge for David Ayer’s delightfully evil ensemble piece hails from DCEU Facts (via CBM), essentially presenting motion posters for each of the key members of Task Force X.


From Harley Quinn to Will Smith’s Deadshot, all members of Warner’s Suicide Squad are checked and accounted for. Should you want to know more about Ayer’s flick, a detailed, spoiler-filled scene description can be found below.

We should warn you that the comprehensive scene description (via Comic Book) delves pretty deep into David Ayer’s superhero actioner, and is therefore riddled with potential spoilers.

In the scene, taking place around the end of the first Act of the film, the Squad has been sent out on their mission. They have not, however, been told what it is exactly they’re going up against. Standing out in the rain, Deadshot (Will Smith) stops and starts to argue with Flag (Joel Kinnaman). “You know exactly what we’re walking into, don’t you?” Deadshot asks. “I tell you what you need to know. That’s how things work. You know I own a ford pickup truck with a blown engine? Not everything is relevant,” Flag responds.

In a moment of levity, Harley walks up to the two of them and peeks between them. “Hi, guys. Lover’s spat?” She says with a smile. Deadshot dismisses her, and turns back to Flag, saying, “Tell everybody everything. They need to know.” It seems Deadshot found a dossier in the crash that gave him a better idea of what it is they’re walking into.

“Three days ago, a non-human entity appeared in a subway station. First, they sent the cops. It killed them. Then they sent the Army. It killed them, too,” Flag explains. “Then they sent me and a woman with… incredible abilities. A witch – as in brooms and black cats. Nobody could get near this thing, but the witch could, so the plan was to hand her an anti-demolition charge; she drops it at his feet, and we fly economy back to DC. Needless to say, the whole thing was a bad idea. Now you know.”

With that, Boomerang (Jai Courtney) confirms it: the Squad is going after Enchantress – and whatever the Adversary is. “There’s no one the smallest bit concerned about going to war with a witch and a giant magic monster, all ’cause some old duck is dead?” He asks. They head into the bar out of the rain to grab a drink and figure out what their next step is.

David Ayer and Warner Bros. will assemble the loosest of loose cannons when Suicide Squad launches into theaters on August 5.

Source: Twitter