Supergirl May Erase Henry Cavill’s Superman In The Flash


Heaps of set photos have been making their way online as production continues on The Flash, but instead of confirming anything, it’s only led to an influx of rumor and speculation as to how, where, when and why the Scarlet Speedster’s solo debut will make its lasting impact all across the DCEU.

A recent report outlined that Michael Keaton’s veteran Bruce Wayne would become a permanent part of the franchise, which is technically old news when DC Films president Walter Hamada confirmed last year that Tim Burton’s Dark Knight would be replacing Ben Affleck as the shared universe’s canonical Caped Crusader moving forward.

The first look at Sasha Calle’s Supergirl has also raised a lot of questions, especially when it’s yet to be confirmed if the actress is playing Kara Zor-El. Her costume is more than a little reminiscent of both Cir-El and Lara Lane-Kent, leading to even more scuttlebutt that she might be positioned as the daughter of Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent and Amy Adam’s Lois Lane, depending on how The Flash handles its multiple timelines and alternate realities.

However, a new rumor claims that Supergirl might be used to erase Cavill’s Kryptonian entirely. Admittedly, it’s a leak from Reddit so the veracity remains entirely up for debate, but the scoop nonetheless offers that Warner Bros. haven’t yet decided if Calle’s costumed crimefighter will join the mainline DCEU mythos alongside Cavill, or if she’ll act as his replacement instead.

Of course, The Flash has been shooting for close to three months already and is scheduled to wrap around the end of August, so surely you’d imagine that’s a call the studio, director Andy Muschietti and writer Christina Hodson would have made a long time ago.