Supergirl Movie To Be Set In The Same Universe As The Batman

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Recently, we’ve heard a lot about the upcoming Supergirl movie that Warner Bros. is keen to make. Forbes reported that the solo film for the Girl of Steel is set to start shooting in early 2020, with casting announcements due over the next few months. We Got This Covered followed that up with intel from our own source that said the pic will sow the seeds for a new Superman to be introduced down the line as it’ll reboot the Kryptonian mythology of the DCEU.

This is just the start of some major reshaping of the DC franchise, too, as our source also tells us that WB will split the continuity of the DCEU into two in the future. Old franchises like Wonder Woman and Aquaman will remain in the original universe while any new properties will take place in this rebooted canon. This fits with what we’ve been told about The Batman no longer acting as a prequel to Ben Affleck’s version.

So, what this means is that Supergirl will share the same continuity as The Batman. Obviously, that leaves us wondering if WB will attempt another Bats/Supes crossover in a few years’ time. We haven’t heard any word of that happening at present, but it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine them doing so. Then again, it’s possible that the two films will be set in different decades. Rumor has it Supergirl is set in the 1970s, while earlier intel said the Robert Pattinson-headed The Batman could take place in the 1990s.

It’s a fact, though, that they’ll be set in the same universe. And as upholding two separate universes may confuse casual moviegoers, there aren’t likely to be too many crossovers in the near future. Though apparently the idea is on the table to merge the two continuities together at some point.

Maybe after that, crossovers can start happening again? Time will tell, but we’re certainly intrigued to see where the DCEU goes from here.