Devil's Gate

A Surprising Horror Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

A surprisingly little-known horror movie from 2017 is dominating Netflix at the moment, but why's it so popular with subscribers?

Devil’s Gate, a little-known horror movie from 2017, currently ranks as the eighth most-watched film on Netflix. Compared to older and staler entries on the list, such as the controversial erotic drama and psychological thriller 365 Days as well as the widely popular albeit somewhat predictable action blockbuster The Old Guard, it may provide viewers with some fresh entertainment as theaters remain empty.

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Ever since Netflix began updating its top ten lists on a daily rather than a weekly basis, subscribers have become more and more interested in what their neighbors are watching. Usually, the lists are filled with predictable entries. Now that the coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to the release of most new films, however, wild cards from the recent (or distant) past resurface rather frequently.

Just one of these is Devil’s Gate. Initially produced in 2017, this horror film follows an FBI agent teaming up with a local sheriff to find a missing woman in North Dakota. At first, their prime suspect is the missing person’s zealous husband. However, they soon discover her disappearance is linked to something far more spooky.

Devil's Gate

Directed by Clay Staub and based on a screenplay he co-wrote with Peter Aperlo, the pic stars Amanda Schull alongisde Shawn Ashmore and Milo Ventimiglia. Devil’s Gate may not feature any A-list actors the likes of which audiences find in most Marvel movies, but it still sports many an admirable performance.

One would suspect that in dark times such as these, the last thing subscribers want to see is content that destroys rather than reinforces our faith in humanity. Interestingly, however, this is not the case. Ever since the pandemic started, popular demand for horror has only grown. Why? One recent study suggested that watching horror helps you cope with actual stress and anxiety.

If true, perhaps you should give Devil’s Gate a shot.

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