A Surprising Action Movie Has Been Very Popular On Netflix This Week

Battle: Los Angeles

Netflix dropped quite a few movies and a new show on their service today, but one film has seen instant success and already started its climb up the Top 10 Movies list.

Surprisingly, the 2011 alien invasion action flick, Battle: Los Angeles, is currently sitting at #5 among all films on Netflix, a spot many would’ve thought unlikely considering its average reviews and general audience indifference at the time of its original theatrical release.

Battle: Los Angeles stars Aaron Eckhart as a USMC Sergeant who leads a team as the last line of defense against a global alien invasion. There’s plenty of explosive action throughout, though the overarching plot, acting, and tone do very little to set the film apart from more successful entries in the invasion sub-genre. There are still worse ways to spend a few hours, though, so action fans won’t hate themselves for giving it a watch.

Battle Los Angeles

Sitting at #4, meanwhile, is Despicable Me, which originally dethroned Tiger King as Netflix’s #1 most-watched piece of content two weeks ago. Directly above it at #3 is Quentin Tarantino’s excellent Django Unchained, though it seems it can’t compete with the animated children’s flick, The Willoughbys, which is currently holding the #2 spot.

Unsurprisingly, Extraction is still holding firm at #1 right now. The Chris Hemsworth action movie has been doing very well for itself, earning fairly decent reviews from critics and audiences alike. Hemsworth, in particular, has been receiving plenty of praise for his leading role as a black market mercenary on a mission to save the kidnapped son of an international crime lord.

Battle: Los Angeles may not beat out Hemsworth’s newest action extravaganza, but #5 isn’t a bad spot to be in during a time when so many people are sitting at home with such a large variety of content to watch. And given that it just dropped on Netflix today and is already that high on the list, we imagine it’ll be moving up a few more spots before the week is out.