Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction Has Been Dominating Netflix All Weekend


While Australian actor Chris Hemsworth will long be remembered for his role as Thor within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s safe to say that the work he’s done outside of the MCU hasn’t exactly achieved anywhere close to the same level of success. Over the past few years, he’s starred in a handful of films that, although high-profile, failed to leave much of an impact on critics or audiences (Men In Black: InternationalBad Times at the El Royale, 2016’s Ghostbusters and The Huntsman: Winter’s War are just a few that come to mind).

However, it looks like Hemsworth might have finally hit the target. Earlier this week, his latest film, Extraction, released globally on Netflix, and while it’s received criticism for its extreme level of violence and reliance on “white savior” tropes, it’s safe to say that it’s managed to stand out from the thousands of other movies and shows on the streaming platform. And that’s mostly thanks to its excellent action set pieces and committed performance from the actor.

In fact, Chris Hemsworth fans around the globe have been flocking to social media to share their excitement and love for the film and the MCU star has even received praise for his performance from several critics and Hollywood figures, including Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo. To be fair, though, Russo also wrote Extraction, so there’s a little bit of bias there.

In any case, at the time of writing, not only is Extraction the most popular movie on Netflix, but it’s also taken the No. 1 spot across the entire platform, too, beating out newcomers like Too Hot to Handle and The Willoughbys. Granted, it’s not exactly going to win over anyone come awards season, but if you’re looking for some high-octane action to enjoy this weekend, you could do far worse. I mean, it’s not like you had plans to go out, right?