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A Surprising Ryan Reynolds Movie Is Finding Lots Of Love On Netflix

One of Ryan Reynolds' movies is proving to be surprisingly popular on Netflix, where it ranks as the seventh most popular title in the US.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is one of the busiest men in Hollywood, with no less than thirteen movies in various stages of development and a rapidly expanding business empire to deal with. Free time is going to be very scarce for the 43 year-old to come by, then, but two of his upcoming projects are already in the can and awaiting release, the first of which is a sequel to an animated smash hit that a lot of people had completely forgotten about.

The Croods landed in theaters in March 2013 and raced to almost $590 million at the box office, scoring an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature in the process. The prehistoric family film earned almost universal critical acclaim as well, but it never penetrated the public consciousness on the same level as Disney or Pixar’s biggest pixelated success stories.


A follow-up was first announced just two months after The Croods hit theaters, but after running into difficulties, it ended up being scrapped altogether in November 2016. However, less than a year later, the second outing was back in active development, and The Croods: A New Age is now scheduled for release in November after being the only major project to be moved forward on the calendar as everything else seems to flee to 2021.

In anticipation for the sequel, The Croods is proving to be a huge hit with Netflix subscribers this week and is currently the seventh most popular title on the streaming service in the US. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that A New Age is going to perform well given the current state of the box office in general, but it at least looks like people will be more than familiar with the titular family before the next outing arrives.

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