Sylvester Stallone Says Rambo 6 Might Still Happen


Rambo: Last Blood appeared to be a definitive film for its titular character. Its title deliberately harked back to the original, while playing into an extensive marketing campaign that this would be the last ever Rambo. That would preclude the chance of a Rambo 6 ever getting made. But going by Sylvester Stallone’s latest comments, that may not be the case after all.

The actor has teased that Rambo “could be back” with the below comment posted on Instagram, which was made to hype up the newly released “Real Journey” cut of Last Blood on Amazon Prime:

“SEE THE REAL JOURNEY – ” YOU JUST DON’T TURN IT OFF!!!! ” MAKE IT #1 THIS WEEKEND ! ( He could be back ) Much respect , Sly.”

Actors, directors, producers…they all find it hard to stop going back for more, even when they appear to have written themselves into corners. The moniker Last Blood will look rather ungainly if Rambo 6 does get made, though. It’s still an ‘if’ at the moment, too, as this could just be a very effective way of plugging the “Real Journey” cut of Rambo 5. Going by his record to date, however, having already returned for four sequels, Stallone hasn’t needed much of an excuse to come back before.

As for the original version of the film? Well, it squeaked a modest profit at the box office, but had to contend with the wrath of critics, clocking in at a dismal 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. Whether the new cut redeems some of those flaws or magnifies them is in the viewer’s court.

How would you feel about Sly returning for one last hurrah, though? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Can’t say the world really needs Rambo 6 to happen, just like it didn’t need Die Hard 5 or Terminator 712. You can certainly have too much of a bad thing.