Sylvester Stallone Reportedly Wants To Do A Young Rambo Movie

It was only a couple of days ago that Sylvester Stallone revealed he’d been working on a pitch and treatment for a young Rocky TV series that he’s hoping to shop to the various streaming services around town. Having headlined six movies of his own and lent support in the two Creed spinoffs, with the third set for release next year, the 74 year-old clearly has no intention of giving up on the character that gave him his big break in the industry.

The whole idea sounds fairly redundant, though, and you get a pretty complete picture of who Rocky Balboa is from almost the second he’s first introduced in the 1976 classic, such is the strength of Stallone’s script and performance. Indeed, venturing even further into his past, which we already know culminates in him being a small-time fighter who moonlights as a debt collector for a local loan shark, sounds more like a way to continue monetizing the property than a worthwhile exploration of how he reached that point in his life.

Now, following Stallone publicly revealing that he was working on the Rocky prequel with plans to develop it for the small screen, insider Daniel Richtman has reported that the action icon wants to do a young Rambo movie as well, which would feel a little bit like overkill. That being said, he’s revealed in the past that he’d be interested in seeing what turned young and innocent high school sports star John Rambo into the disillusioned veteran we meet in First Blood, so who knows? It just might happen.

Sly has also admitted that his Rambo prequel would have to be a streaming exclusive or it wouldn’t materialize at all, but with Rocky looking like it’s further along, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for his other career-defining role.