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Taika Waititi wants to see the MCU’s Loki give birth to an 8-legged horse

Make it canon.

via Marvel Studios

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has been a staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade, and in that time we’ve seen the Asgardian trickster get up to more than enough mischief to live up to his billing. However, anything he’s done so far doesn’t come close to matching what the Norse mythological version of the deity has gotten up to.

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To put it lightly, Loki is known for being a highly promiscuous god, with his various offspring including goddess of death Hel (who he sired with a female giant named Angerboda), the serpent that surrounds the world known as Jörmungand, and the fabled wolf Fenrir. On top of that, he’s also technically the father of his own father’s eight-legged horse Slepnir.

To do so, he transformed himself into a mare to drive a stallion mad with lust and ended up pregnant, as one does. As it happens, Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi is clued up on his Norse tales, and admitted to Stephen Colbert that he wants to see it happen in the MCU.

“Loki at one point turned himself into a female horse, had sex with, like, a serpent, and then got pregnant. And then gave birth to an eight-legged horse. Why was that not in Avengers? We’re gonna start a petition, we need to see Tom Hiddleston pregnant with a horse.”

Would we love to see Hiddleston as a horse getting pregnant and giving birth to an octo-baby? Possibly, but we’d feel safe in saying Kevin Feige is hardly going to be rushing to bring Waititi’s proposal into live-action, so don’t get your hopes up that we’ll get it in season 2 of Loki.