New Photo Provides Closer Look At What Lex Luthor Was Planning In Justice League

Lex Luthor Jesse Eisenberg

Justice League ended with a post-credits sequence in which a newly escaped (and newly bald) Lex Luthor relaxes on a yacht plotting about what he might do with “a league of our own.” Given the failure of the film and subsequent change of direction from Warner Bros., we’ll probably never know precisely what this would’ve entailed. Worse yet, we may never see Jesse Eisenberg’s take on Luthor again, given that the actor’s apparently lost interest in the role and the studio has no plans for him to reappear.

That’s sad, because director Zack Snyder clearly had long terms plans for Lex Luthor, as proven by the care taken in producing the notes made by the character, which you can see in the gallery below. If you’ll recall, they appear in the film at the start on Bruce’s plane, as Alfred shows the notes to demonstrate what Luthor’s been up to.

My take on them is that the three cubes represent the three mother boxes, and the theorizing is Luthor’s attempt at trying to understand Apokalyptian technology. He’s in for a hard time given that this is basically magic, though his obsession combined with his deteriorating mental condition might indicate that Darkseid is having an influence on him from across the stars.

Whatever the case may well have been, we’re now not going to see it. Just think, if Zack Snyder had been able to execute the Justice League he’d planned, we could be eagerly awaiting Justice League 2 and seeing our heroes do battle with Darkseid as he unleashes the anti-life equation on Earth. Given that one of my favorite DC events is Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis, this is intensely frustrating.

Oh well, maybe on some distant day, Warner Bros. will finally release the Snyder cut and we’ll get a taste of what we might have enjoyed. We can always dream, right?