New Teaser For Jordan Peele’s Us Reveals Tons Of Creepy Footage


Expectations are high for Us, but so far, the footage we’ve seen from Jordan Peele’s follow-up to Get Out offers little reason to believe that the director won’t have another commercial and critical smash on his hands.

Just take this new teaser for example, which includes a lot of familiar footage, as well as the same creepy variation on the song “I Got 5 on It” by Luniz that featured in the first trailer, but also offers a fair bit of fresh material that’s just as unnerving as the parts we’ve seen before. Perhaps the most memorable moment, however, comes courtesy of Lupita Nyong’o, when the Black Panther star utters just one word in the role of one of the film’s violent doppelgängers.

Like much of the central cast, Nyong’o plays two characters in Us: mother and wife Adelaide Wilson, and a sinister entity that looks just like her. The rest of the Wilson family consists of Gabe, Jason and Zora – played by Winston Duke, Evan Alex and Shahadi Wright-Joseph, respectively – all of whom will be stalked by their own identical monsters, though going by the new teaser, you can also expect Elisabeth Moss’s character Mrs. Tyler to get caught in the middle of the conflict with bloody results.

Speaking to Rolling Stone a couple of weeks ago, Peele explained that he intended Us to be more a work of pure horror than his previous feature, claiming that the “genre confusion” of Get Out broke his heart a little. Evidently, a lot filmgoers and critics weren’t too bothered that Peele’s feature debut was less of a horror movie than it could’ve been, but we’ll find out if Us can earn similar levels of praise when the film hits theaters on March 22nd, 2019.