‘Teen Wolf’ actors discuss the ups and downs of filming new movie

The cast of the ‘Teen Wolf’ series

The cast of Teen Wolf is reuniting in a panel for San Diego Comic-Con, with many of the actors and creators from the TV show talking about the ups and downs of filming the new movie that has already finished production and yet-to-be-released.

“This isn’t getting the band back together… it’s a family reunion!!” the Teen Wolf official Twitter account wrote while sharing a photo of the panel.

Tyler Hoechlin, who is reprising his role as Derek Hale from the TV show, seemed genuinely choked up when he was talking about his first day filming for the movie.

“[It] was such a crazy trip down memory lane — and making new memories — that it was just…it was really special,” he said in a video of the panel that was shared on Twitter.

Jeff Davis, a writer for the original show who penned the forthcoming movie, also shared that making the TV show was similar to making a movie each week anyway, so it wasn’t that much of a stretch to elongate that process into a feature-length endeavor.

“What happened to them? Where are they now?” Davis said of the characters from the show while also illuminating that some new faces will be introduced, according to a Twitter post SFX Magazine, who was live-tweeting the panel.

Co-star Tyler Poser, who will be reprising his role as Scott McCall in the show, also indicated it’s been hard for the cast to hold in secrets of what will eventually unfold in the movie.

Posey also indicated his father, John Posey, would also be returning in the film as Dr. Conrad Fenris and that his brother will also “have a hilarious part,” according to a Twitter post by entertainment journalist Olivia Singh.

During that same panel, the first trailer for Teen Wolf: The Movie was also played. Although it does not yet have a release date, the film is indicated as coming “soon” to Paramount Plus.