The Terms Of The New Spider-Man Deal Have Been Revealed


The welcome news that Spider-Man is temporarily staying in the MCU after Disney and Sony agreed to a new deal comes after an extended back-and-forth between the studios. We already know when Spider-Man 3 will drop, and also about the additional deal to allow Tom Holland to appear in another MCU property, as well as the fact that the actor could show up in standalone Sony movies, too. An update on the deal from Deadline has just arrived though and explains the terms of the agreement to keep Spider-Man within the established MCU.

We now know that Sony agreed on the terms that Disney originally set for them for working together on a third Spider-Man film. Sony’s original problems with the deal seem to be resolved, at least for the time being, likely due to the immense commercial potential of the character. Under these terms, Disney/Marvel will put up 25% of a third Spider-Man movie in exchange for a 25% equity stake. The deal benefits Disney in preventing the loss of one of the MCU’s most recognizable heroes, and eases the transition into Phase 4 for Marvel.

Sony won’t be doing too badly out of the deal, either, in that they’ll likely get another $1 billion-grossing franchise entry in 2021, and a minimum 8% or higher distribution cut. Given that the deal will keep Kevin Feige with the Spider-Man series, both Sony and Disney are likely expecting a new outing for the web slinger to provide a lucrative investment for all concerned. At the very least, there’ll be more of a grace period before Spider-Man’s post-MCU future has to be decided.

We’ll be getting the next Spider-Man movie on July 16th, 2021, with Holland’s other appearance under the terms of the new deal yet to be confirmed. Be sure to check back in as more details come to light about the agreement between Sony and Disney, but for now, we can all rest easy knowing that the cliffhanger set up in Far From Home will be resolved.