Tessa Thompson Reveals Valkyrie’s Fate After Avengers: Infinity War


After the universe-shaking consequences at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel fans were desperate to know about the fate of those characters we didn’t see in the movie. Chief among them was Thor: Ragnarok favorite Valkyrie. Actress Tessa Thompson has previously teased more from her hero in Avengers 4, but her latest status update leaves no room for doubt about the Asgardian warrior’s fate.

Yes, we now know that Valkyrie is 100% alive and well following Infinity War, apparently being one of the lucky half of the universe that weren’t wiped out by Thanos’ finger snap. When asked by a fan about what happened to the character on Twitter, the star responded with a surprisingly open response: “She’s in one piece and THRIVING.”

It’s surprising that Thompson was so forthcoming on social media here, as Marvel’s been keen to not reveal anything at all about Avengers 4 – not even its title. However, we don’t imagine the studio will be too displeased with her, as Valkyrie’s role in the movie was all but confirmed anyway. After all, we know Thompson was on set to pitch Kevin Feige that all-female team-up idea that fans have latched onto.

So, it looks like A4 will provide an answer as to where the heck Valkyrie had got to at the beginning of IW. Ragnarok ended with the character on board the Statesman Asgardian refugee ship, but come its destruction in the following movie, she was nowhere to be seen. It’s generally assumed that she must have fled the ship along with Korg and Miek off-screen, but I guess we’ll get some concrete answers this coming May.

In any case, it’s a relief to know Valkyrie is safe. Unfortunately, though, not everyone was so lucky. The Russos have previously revealed that the likes of Lady Sif, The Incredible Hulk‘s Betty Ross and even The Avengers‘ Galaga guy (NO!) bit the dust in Avengers: Infinity War. Still, at least Howard the Duck managed to survive.

Source: Twitter