‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ director didn’t have to cut any violence or gore

It’s not unusual for films to have uncut or extended versions released after the fact if certain scenes are deemed too extreme for theaters, but it looks like the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel will have all the intense moments kept in when it premieres on Netflix this Friday.

The direct follow-up to the classic 1974 original is directed by David Blue Garcia in his Netflix debut, and he’s revealed to revealed ComicBook in an interview that he didn’t have to tone down any of the goriest moments. In fact, producer Fede Alvarez insisted the scenes should be more terrifying.

“Quite the contrary. I was constantly ‘toning up.’ When you work with Fede Alvarez as a producer, he’s made some very, very shocking and gory films, and he’s a master at that. I remember my first day on set, I had to shoot one of the kills for a minor character, and Fede called me the next day.

He had seen the dailies and he was like, ‘Hey man, great job on that kill, but I want you to do it again. I just want you to go a little further, a little more blood, and then once you think you’ve got enough blood, put more.’ That was my direction for the rest of the movie. We were just constantly trying to one-up each other and get the craziest kills, the most creative kills, and just really fire a lot of blood from a squib or whatever.

He further spoke about the editing process, as well as his creative approach, comparing it to none other than animated comedy Family Guy.

“It was a lot of fun to create that, and also working in the editing room and really enhancing those kills, and forcing the audience to look again, you know what I mean? Just when you think you’re going to cut away from the violence to the reaction, no, we’re cutting back, and we’re going to show you, and you’ve got to keep watching it.

That was our goal. It’s like when you watch those old Family Guy episodes, you think the joke is over, but the camera just doesn’t cut, and Peter Griffin is still holding his knee, you know what I mean? We just wanted to go so far that it became uncomfortable. So, that’s what we did.”

Iconic villain, Leatherface is all set terrorize a brand new group of people, with the character of Sally Hardesty, the only survivor from the first film, returning for some much deserved revenge.