Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reboot Reportedly Had A Poor Test Screening

texas chainsaw massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot has had a troubled production to date, including a change of director last year that effectively resulted in shooting having to be restarted. The film is understood to represent a direct sequel to the initial 1974 Texas Chainsaw, and focuses on an aged Leatherface, and it now seems that things have progressed far enough for a test screening, but with a negative response to the current cut.

According to a YouTube video from Mr. H, a source viewed an early edit of the David Blue Garcia-directed effort and didn’t come away with a positive reaction. You can catch the full thing here, with the fair warning that details of the plot are possibly spelt out. However, the general feedback appears to be poor, with key faults including the attempt to imitate the 2018 Halloween by following the events of the original, and some baffling story decisions.

Of course, test showings tend to be just that, an opportunity for the producers to gauge audience interest and then go back and retool what they have, or reshoot to fix issues. If the comments made about Texas Chainsaw are accurate, though, the problems with the picture might be too deep to easily solve, which would be a disappointment for anyone hoping the franchise was set for a return to form.

Legendary Pictures are behind this updated take on the world of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which has previously been touted as playing into the gory spirit of the series. Given the reported ambition from the studio to use the upcoming movie as a stepping stone to a whole new cycle of Leatherface vehicles, a lot more work may be needed to salvage the project. Again, though, edits and additional scenes could mean that the released version is quite different, making it too soon to lose hope of a decent final result.