The 10 Best Batman Moments From Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


As divisive a movie as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is proving to be (if this weekend’s box office results are any indication, moviegoers love it even if critics don’t), one thing everyone seems to be able to agree on is that Ben Affleck’s Batman is the best take on the iconic DC Comics character to date.

While the movie splits its time fairly equally between the two heroes, it doesn’t feel like an exaggeration to say that the Dark Knight gets the best scenes, and ends up stealing the show. So, with that in mind, what were the best Batman moments in Batman V Superman?


Here, you’ll find a look at his ten best scenes along with an analysis of what they mean within the context of the movie and what they could be leading to down the line.

It’s clear that Zack Snyder has big plans for this newly created universe, and it seems like it will mostly be revolving around The Caped Crusader, which is absolutely fine with us.