The Batman Plot Details Reportedly Leak After Early Test Screening

The Batman

Such is the veil of secrecy draped over every high profile project in production, it’s hard to separate the theoretical wheat from the hypothetical chaff when rumors begin making the rounds about an upcoming title. Based on various reports online, a very early test screening of The Batman was held recently, but everyone was forced to sign an NDA as is typically the case.

This is the internet we’re talking about, though, so details inevitably emerged in the aftermath from someone who gave it the old “I heard this from a friend line” and posted some information on social media. Whether the alleged plot details turn out to be true or not, much of it lines up with what we’ve been hearing about The Batman for a while.

The main thrust is that Matt Reeves’ reboot is every bit as dark, dingy and grimy as expected, and there’s even said to be some horror elements in play. The latest big screen adventure for the Dark Knight was additionally described as “very graphic, very dark, very scary”, but most analysts are still expecting a PG-13 rating, so it’ll be interesting to see how far the finished product pushes the boundaries.

Zoe Kravitz is called the best Catwoman ever, Paul Dano’s Riddler is positively insane, and Robert Pattinson’s title hero categorically and definitively doesn’t kill anybody, in keeping with the Caped Crusader’s ethos. The ending is pegged as an absolute shocker that leaves the door open for a sequel, while Pattinson reportedly offers constant narration in a similar vein to Year One. It’ll be a while before we get any confirmation on these details, but it’s enough to get us even more hyped for The Batman.