‘The Batman’ premiere date set for HBO Max

Image via Warner Bros.

At last, The Batman is coming to HBO’s streaming service and tv network.

According to Deadlinethe Matt Reeves megahit will premiere on HBO Max on Monday, April 18, followed by a debut on HBO on Saturday, April 23. The standard practice is for Warner Bros. films to spend forty-five days in theatres before release on streaming services and network television. The Batman raked in a whopping $735 million in global box office earnings during its theatrical run.

Last month, HBO’s official website mistakenly posted April 19 as the release date for The Batman. However, the correct premiere dates are now confirmed. 

Robert Pattinson’s slightly awkward rendition of Bruce Wayne has resonated with fans, who are intrigued by the emotional range he has brought to the role. There is much debate about whether Pattinson’s Batman is on par with Christian Bale’s portrayal of The Dark Knight. Many argue that Reeves’s new interaction of the story may even surpass Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.

From the bombastic score to the innovative design of the Bat Mobile, fans are in awe of the immense attention to detail that makes The Batman unforgettable. 

There’s more to come on HBO for fans of The Batman universe, including an intriguing spin-off about the Caped Crusader’s nemesis Penguin starring Colin Farrell. His cameo in The Batman delighted fans who were impressed by the physical transformation he underwent for the role.

One thing is for certain, The Batman proves there is much left to explore about the duality of Bruce Wayne and his quest to be the hero of Gotham City.