The Batman Rumored To Be Getting 2 More Spinoffs

The Batman

Almost every major studio in Hollywood owning a streaming service has fundamentally changed the way franchises are built. Up until recently, it would be sequels, the occasional spinoff, and then an inevitable reboot, but the various platforms are now using episodic television and animation to tie everything together across multiple forms of media.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman has been getting in on the act, with a prequel series set before the events of the movie entering development last year, while a secondary offshoot focusing on Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot was announced to be in the works ten days ago. Now, insider Daniel Richtman offers that another two projects are happening, although the tipster doesn’t divulge what they are.

From a purely speculative standpoint, Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman would jump out as an obvious candidate. It has been heavily rumored in the past, and she’s exactly the sort of talent that would thrive in headlining a big-budget comic book movie or miniseries for a streaming service.

Outside of that, there’s Paul Dano’s Edward Nashton, but not really anybody else that jumps out. Of course, it doesn’t have to be directly connected to the events of The Batman at all, if it were to follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus template of sowing seeds that get paid off in other movies later on down the line.

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  1. Tony Antonellissays:

    I wish to see Wallis Day star in the sequels to next year’s The Batman as Matt Reeves’ Batwoman
    And I can totally see #zachwoods as #thomaselliot aka #hush because Zach has the right look to make him match that of #RobertPattinson’s #brucewayne and Thomas Elliot and Bruce Wayne are meant to look like Twin brothers.
    And here is my origin story idea for Matt Reeves’ batwoman
    On Kate Kane’s 13th birthday when Bruce was 20 years old weeks or months before he traveled the world for more training and better strategies to get over his parents’ murder, Kate along with her twin sister Elizabeth and their mother Gabriel were kidnapped in broad daylight when the sisters were getting out of school and being picked up by their mother. The 3 Kanes were being held for ransom, and the person came to save the Kanes is Kate’s father Colonial Jacob Kane. He did bring money with him for the ransom but when he arrived, he lost his wife first, then when the little girls attempt to leave the kidnappers’ layer, one of the kidnappers shot Beth in the back while Kate was able to get away. Then the kidappers were fought by Jacob Kane and 20 year old bruce (who just arrived in the scene dressed like a ninja and Jacob and Kate were the only ones who recognized him). After the crime scene was over, Jacob and Kate went to Bruce’s mansion he took care of Kate as best as he can, when Bruce leaves to get enough training and pain controlling strategies, Kate attends to military school. Kate does well in attending in the military school until sometime in Bruce’s first half a decade of being batman when she was expelled. When Kate and Jacob (promoted as a GCPD cop) were hanging out in a restaurant thinking of what she can do now that she was expelled, Jacob stepped out for a moment to give a man a ticket for speeding but that guy shot and killed Jacob and Kate saw it all happen across the street and the killer noticed her and tried to kill her but then Batman arrived just in time to save her and then he took her to his cave, and Kate becomes Batwoman.
    And as for Hush, here is my plot idea for him in the sequel to #theBatman2022, he attempts to surgically disguise his face as Bruce Wayne’s to both ruin Bruce’s reputation and take over bruce’s company. to carry all of that out, he captures batman (Hush knows that batman is Bruce Wayne) in order to use him as a model. But the plan was foiled when Batwoman shows up to help Batman fight.
    I hope that Matt Reeves, Robert Pattinson, Wallis Day, and Zach Woods will see and like this idea. And Here is my plot for the third #MattReeves #batman film. it can be based on the #BatmanArkhamAsylum game. The film has a demolition man like beginning where joker was the cause of a war between joker fans and a bunch of fake batmen and batwomen and then batman, batwoman and robin showed up to stop the war and batman takes joker to Arkham Asylum,. But it turns out that the joker was using the war to get batman’s attention and joker wanted to go to Arkham to proceed with his Arkham plan that he had in his so called mind. While Batman is part of joker’s Arkham game, #Batwoman and #robin were on a #blackmask and #professorpyg and batgirl joins them to help them. And the film ends with the 4 heroes becoming the bat family and they say in oath, WE ARE VENGEANCE, WE ARE THE KNIGHTS, WE ARE THE BAT-FAMILY.

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