Gotham Fans Aren’t Happy About The Batman’s Penguin Spinoff Series

Colin Farrell Penguin
Image via Marvel Studios

Earlier today, it was reported that HBO Max will be releasing a second TV-series spinoff to Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman movie joining the previously announced Gotham PD series, but this new series has some fans upset about the treatment of a fan-favorite character.

The newly announced series will follow the iconic Batman villain Penguin portrayed by Colin Farrell as he rises to power within Gotham’s criminal underworld. This isn’t the first time that this character has graced the small screen and because of this, fans of the character’s last appearance are upset to see a new iteration.

Penguin was featured prominently during the Fox-produced Batman prequel series Gotham and quickly became a fan-favorite character. In this instance, the role was taken up by Robin Lord Taylor, a casting choice that fans of the show grew to love.

Since the announcement of a new series and in turn a new Penguin, some hardcore Gotham fans have shared their distaste on social media.

Right now, there isn’t any confirmed timeline for when this Penguin series will be available to stream, but it seems to be in the early production stages so it could be quite a while.