Zoe Kravitz Reportedly Getting Her Own Catwoman Movie On HBO Max


The Batman is set to reboot the Bat-mythos in the DCEU in a major way. And this time, Warner Bros. looks keen to properly capitalize on the potential for the franchise to produce various multi-platform spinoffs. For instance, a Gotham PD TV series is already in the works, set in the same universe as Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight, with many more offshoots likely on the way. No doubt for the Bat’s collection of iconic allies and enemies.

Case in point: we’re hearing word of a Catwoman movie being in the works over at HBO Max, with Zoe Kravitz set to reprise her role as Gotham’s most notorious high-society thief, Selina Kyle. That’s all we’ve been told by our sources, though – the same ones who informed us that an Enola Holmes sequel was in development well before it was announced – so it’s unclear how far along this project is.

Of course, way back in 2019, before Kravitz had even been cast, we heard that WB had plans to spinoff The Batman with a new Catwoman film, and this latest intel confirms that this is still the intention, meaning that the studio must be pleased with what the actress has done with the role in the completed movie. Of course, the character previously got her own vehicle in 2004’s much-maligned Halle Berry flick and its infamous failure is no doubt part of the reason why this reboot is headed to streaming instead of theaters.

From the looks of things, Kravitz’s Selina will be more of a proto-Catwoman in The Batman, much as Bruce Wayne is only at the beginning of his crimefighting career. So, there’s definitely scope for her to evolve further in her own spinoff. In the meantime, we’ll get to meet her when Matt Reeves’ reboot arrives in theaters on March 4th, 2022.