The Batman Sequel Reportedly Given A Green Light

The Batman

There’s literally zero chance that Matt Reeves’ The Batman is going to be a one-and-done effort unless of course, it ends up being absolutely savaged by critics and bombs spectacularly at the box office. That’s very unlikely, but it still can’t be ruled out 100% until audiences are able to pass judgment on the reboot themselves.

Robert Pattinson would have presumably signed a multi-picture deal to recur as the Dark Knight when he first put pen to paper, and with at least two spinoffs in the works for HBO Max, the universe is already in the midst of a rapid expansion. In short; we’re definitely getting at least one sequel unless The Batman fails catastrophically.

To that end, a new rumor claims that Warner Bros. and DC Films have officially ordered the next installment in The Batman franchise. Obviously, this hasn’t been announced by the studio or production company but instead has fansite BatmanOnFilm backing up a report from insider Daniel Richtman.

So what we have are two unconfirmed, as yet uncorroborated, and entirely speculative stories backing each other up, but that’ll do for now. After all, The Batman is poised to hit big when it finally comes to theaters next March, and you can guarantee that talks over where the story heads from here would have started a long time ago.