The Dark Knight Rises: 10 Flaws With The Film

christopher nolan's the dark knight rises

Let me start off by saying that I loved The Dark Knight Rises. It was brilliantly paced and written with extraordinary insight into the themes and symbols of the Batman mythos. It also gave viewers a profound portrayal of what Gotham and its residents are made of. All that being said, there were mistakes in the film that need to be addressed.

Certainly, nitpicking over mistakes does detract from the fun of watching the Batman franchise as it defeats the entire reason we suspend our disbelief for a man who dresses up as a bat to fight crime in the first place. However, there’s no denying that there were noticeable flaws in Nolan’s latest work. They’re not the sort of problematic situations that would bother you upon initial viewing, but rather the stuff you would search up online, joke about among friends and ultimately shrug off by saying “Because he’s Batman”.

It’s with that mindset that I hope readers consider the following, and please note that there are spoilers for those who haven’t seen the film.

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  1. WIltsesays:

    I don’t know how Bruce made it back, but i’m certain it took him a bit to get there. Not just a few hours, just Nolan’s films jump around so fast you can’t tell how much time passes.

    1. jimcog10says:

      When Batman is flying The Bat practically straight up alongside a building, he shoots the building, and then The Bat drives away. He shot the building and jumped out. When we see The Bat flying out over the bridge it just goes straight up and out. I don’t know, seemed obvious to me that that’s when he would have jumped out.

  2. WIltsesays:

    We do know that 5 months had passed since Bane had removed the bomb from the reactor til when the bomb blew

  3. He fixed the auto pilot. He even says it when he answers Selina’s question “What, you just gonna fly it out there and eject?” and he says, “No, autopilot.” So he definitely jumped out before hand. The scene with Fox even tells you he fixed the auto pilot six months ago, which is around the time Fox showed it to him. This article should probably be deleted, sorry.

    1. Mattsays:

      Didn’t we see him in the cockpit with the bomb timer in its final seconds though.

      1. Willsays:

        Yeah/ sorta of confused me…but I’m gonna go with the proverbial “he’s batman”

    2. Tarsays:

      Actually, he says “No autopilot” as in “The autopilot doesn’t work.” It’s why Selena kisses him; she really thinks he’s about to die. We don’t actually find out the autopilot was fixed until Fox takes a look at the other Bat with the technicians after the funeral.

  4. I might be nitpicking and I’m not saying this was an absolute deal breaker, but Bane’s voice kind of bothered me. I know Nolan touched it up after initial backlash to get Hardy’s lines where they were, but the muffled megaphone type sound was still a little off-putting at times. That, and I don’t believe enough explanation was put into Bane’s mask. Eh, that’s just me though.

    1. dysfunction41399says:

      I agree, it sounded awesome but at times it was difficult to understand him.

    2. MBIIsays:

      They did explain his mask, and apparently they were scenes cut out of the final movie that delved deeper into Bane’s back story as well as the nature of his injuries and his mask. Would love to see that someday, but it’s a longshot!

  5. rabidpicturessays:

    You guys do know that pretty much EVERY film has continuity errors and plot holes… Right? Can’t wait to read ‘Step Up Revolution: 10 Flaws With The Film’ next week! YES!

    1. Frank Bauggssays:

      Thank You.

    2. Jordansays:

      Why do you feel the need to point this out? Everyone posting on this thread clearly understands that there are continuity errors and plot holes in every film. That’s common sense. However, it is also common sense that movies don’t get better if everyone who watches them just says, “It was good.” Movie critiques make films better because they tell film makers what the public is looking for/noticing in movies.

      Additionally, the people in this thread are just commenting on what the article is about—flaws in The Dark Knight Rises. If you don’t want to hear about this article’s subject, you don’t have to read it, let alone its comments.

      1. Serithosays:

        Amen to that, I walked out of the theater with my sister’s friends and began to attempt to have a critique based discussion regarding the film and all I got was, “It was good, it was good”, “it was based on a comic”. If a movie was good then there is a really good reason for it, not just overlooking some flaws so you can just be entertained without a care as to why.

  6. Empiesays:

    You forgot the biggest loophole, that was “The Spirit of Ra’s” appearing to Bruce and explaining his (Ra’s) history. You could argue Ra’s was just Bruce’s imagination, but then how would he come to know the detailed facts about his tale.

    Also, did they ever show how Fox escaped from Bane’s clutches?

    1. Tarsays:

      The Ghost Ra’s doesn’t explain anything to Bruce. Bruce says something about Bane being Ra’s son (Which is not confirmed by the hallucination). He doesn’t receive any new information. Bruce (falsely) infers something about information he already had.

      And Fox escaped from Bane because Bruce and Selena busted him out. That was the whole reason he met up with Selena on the street, because he needed her help to find Fox.

  7. Tarsays:

    #3 is entirely false. Fox says the bomb will explode in 23 days, then Bruce escapes from the prison, and then we see the scene where Gordon explains the bomb will explode in 12 hours (followed by Bruce’s return to Gotham and meeting Selena on the street).

    He had several weeks between escaping the prison and arriving in Gotham.

    1. Al Donatosays:

      I wrote the article fresh from the theatres, so I haven’t had a chance
      to rewatch it. I’ll talk with a few more sources. If you’re right about the time duration, I’ll edit it out. Thanks for your input.

      1. siddharthsays:

        batman takes more than 3 months to recover n get back to gotham………quite realistic….

      2. Serithosays:

        Oh yeah, broken back, no cartilage between joints, severe concussions, organ damage and who knows what else. Three months? He was taking it easy.

      3. Esteban Gutiérrezsays:

        you’re right on almost everything but there are a few flaws on your article, in the thug-policeforce confrontations, the GCPD guys actually had guns, just not as big as the bad guys’

      4. Warner Brownsays:

        that, and Bane put Bruce in a cell with a TV on GCN so he could see gotham being destroyed. Thus, “why don’t you just kill me” Bane: “your punishment must be more severe” and the old guy was a mentor figure. there are people like that in prison. I agree however, they should’ve shown him face some more of the brutal types in there.

    2. Awesomesauce88says:

      If memory serves me correct, Fox says 23 hours. Either that or 18 hours (with the 23 days coming far before the scene of bruce escaping).

    3. Jason Toddsays:

      As mentioned, Fox states that there is 23 days left until the bomb explodes. Not hours, days. A man as resourceful as Bruce Wayne would surely get back to the States in 3 weeks. Also, Wayne manor is not on the island of Gotham but further away. Clearly Bruce Wayne would have gone to his mansion and his Batcave full off suits and stuff to use to get to Gotham island. Didn’t he even have his Bat there? Even if he didn’t, there was a bridge intact and it would be no problem for a master of disguise and stealth to cross that bridge without a couple of beat cops noticing. Pretty sure I can shoot holes in most of your so called flaws as well. I’ll get back to you.

      1. Joseph Chastainsays:

        Your discussing the wrong scene. Fox says there are HOURS not days left when Bruce returns.

      2. Juansays:

        When Bruce returns, yes, but Fox says there are 25 days left just before Bruce escaped.

      3. i'mrightyou'rewrongsays:

        Actually, you have the wrong scene, Chastain..

    4. Ammysays:

      +The bat had an autopilot plus maybe a remote control which could have been used by bruce

      1. exactly – Bruce/Batman ditched it when the bomb hit the road and auto-piloted it out to sea – why? because why else would he drop lower if not to jump out of the cockpit & we only see his eyes in close up which means you don’t see him in the Bat flying it

      2. Liamsays:

        Dude you saw so many shots of Batman in the cockit, and the bomb hitting the ground was only because it was very heavy for the bat.

  8. Willsays:

    Of all the ten, the one that bothers me the most was how Blake (Robin) deduced Bruce was Batman. I completely agree with the critique: it wasn’t satisfying to just hear Blake say that Bruce Wayne seemed as if he was smothering his pain with a mask, just as Blake learned to cover his own with a smile. It would have been more logical for Blake to have investigated Bruce during his eight year absence, or have the film display scenes of Blake actively researching the Batman’s identity- using the visit to Wayne Manor to confirm his suspicions. Thus, these scenes would be suspenseful, showing how a person actually pursued the identity of Batman and obtained the truth.

    1. Dieter Lemaitresays:

      It would have been better if Blake had been the grown up version of the kid he saves in Batman Begins. After Batman reveales who he is to Rachel, she says his first name. If you have the knowledge of his first name, crosscheck it with known acquaintances of Rachel, and deduce that the Batman has to be rich in order to have all his high tech toys, you would get to Bruce Wayne pretty quickly.

      1. MBIIsays:

        That sounds awesome except it wouldn’t work, we hear the kid’s parents fighting in the background inside the house/apartment. Then again they could have been step parents. That would be a sweet reveal on par with the fact that Talia was the kid in the pit.

    2. jayphayessays:

      Agreed. And, here’s a thought! Why not make him the child on the scaffold outside the building in the narrows from Batman Begins- the one he gave the device to. Let’s say that kid is 10-12. 1-2 years until the end of the Dark Knight plus 8 (and he’s a rookie). That would place the kid in his early 20’s. PERFECT. He could have been orphaned right after that time….or already in foster care….. then not only saw all of those emotions in Bruce but also recognized his face having seen him up clos

      1. jayphayessays:

        And….she says his name!!!!!! Not to mention, as a cop, Blake would have been profoundly inspired by his chance encounter! Thus, instilling his belief in Batman 8 years later.

  9. Lisasays:

    SPOILERS AHEAD: I get a sense that some fans would have preferred the Talia twist to be out of the movie as to make her happen, what could’ve been en epic final battle between Batman and the baddie that broke his back, became an anti-climax of Batman being stabbed and slightly incapacitated by Talia (a woman, God forbid!); and Bane being blasted by Catwoman (another woman, God forbid!) into a sudden death. I liked the movie though. I felt everything fitted, that lots of thought were put into tying everything up; and I completely felt what Nolan was trying to say about a guy in a bat suit: at the end of the day, he is just a guy and it takes more than one person to save Gotham. Bruce Wayne donning the cowl again was going to be a reluctant, weaker Batman. So the ending in the cafe scene was like a fitting release for the poor dude.

  10. bob bobsays:

    Bane is a regular person in this film, how is he punching a stone pillar and breaking it?

    1. Joaquin Dircksensays:

      Mind over matter.

  11. Hulk7777says:

    There were so many damn problems with this movie. Like why the fuck would Bruce just give in and trust some cop he doesn’t know from a whole in the wall with his identity while he still ran around hiding his identity from Gordon who had proven to be trust worthy and already fought crime numerous times with Batman. And Alfred would never ditch Bruce. Especially since in the first two movies Bruce would say “You haven’t given up on me.” and Alfred would reply “Never.” but then all of a sudden Alfred bounces on Bruce like WTF! Then the whole nuclear bomb thing. That seemed so damn wack. We have this invention that’s suppossed to supply clean energy but voila you change some shit around and now its a bomb on a nuclear scale. It just felt too ridiculous of a threat I would have liked a more gritty emotionally or morally driven threat like the ones Joker posed. And speaking of Joker why was he not mentioned. Of course for obvious reasons he would not physically make an appearence but Joker ravaged Gotham and they pretended like he never even existed. Dent did what he did because Joker broke him down but yet Dent was mentioned like a million times and Joker wasn’t. And why was Scarecrow present but none of the other nut jobs like Zass were. If Scarecrow was out then Joker would be too. And Bane was fuckin cliche as fuck. My subordinate pissed me off so i kill him. I need to set off a bomb to blow up the entire city. I choke people and they die. I did this all for the love of some bitch and her plans to please her daddy. That took all his evilness away for me. He was so predictable. And it seemed like nobody could speak fuckin english. With Bane, his henchmen, the foreigners in the prison and Batmans raspy voice it was too damn much. I can understand Batman talking like that but everybody else being hard to understand was frustrating. And not to mention these so called epic fight scenes. They were simple ass boxing matches. Why the fuck would two trained martial artists who were trained by ninjas just sit and punch at eachother all fuckin day. WACK! Not once did Bane have me scared. I knew he would lose unlike Joker who I was unsure could be defeated. And then you got Banes underlings who were hunting the police but John Blake cuts a corner and the tumbler stolen by Bane just magically rolls by without noticing him even though he only slightly lowers his head and was in full police uniform. Batman also forgave /salina all easily after she completely sold him out. And you can’t say its because he needed her help and had to save time because he had time to set up a gigantic flaming Bat signal on a huge ass bridge. This movie had tons of issues.

    1. JwnzPwnzsays:

      i agree COMPLETELY with the trusting some cop instead of Gordon. Also, Al wouldn’t EVER leave Bruce. You got that dead on too, my friend.
      And yes, this is not even close to the other Dark Knight… unfortunately. The Joker is a way better villain all around anyways though, really. Hard to top the Joker.

  12. Michellesays:

    I totally agree with the Talia part. To be honest, I really wish she had a larger role rather than BAM I’m Ra’s al Ghul’s child in the last 30-45 minutes of the movie and then her dying of a car crash. And Bruce just doing a couple of push-ups/sit-ups while in the Pit and then ready to kick Bane’s ass right after fixing his back with the magic rope seemed pretty ridic as well.

    1. Emilysays:

      My two biggest complaints as well.

    2. jaysays:

      If they’d have shown his training in full (which, in the context of movie time was logically months), you’d complain that it was rehash of BB and tedious. He didn’t do a couple pushups and if you left the movie thinking all of his recovery was shown in those few….wow, you are (insert insult).

      1. MBIIsays:

        Somebody who gets it!

  13. CSLsays:

    Like in the article, most of these stood out in the first viewing. One of the biggest issues with Batman in the movie was the fact that when he saves Catwoman and they get in The Bat (While still being shot at), they just leave as Bane and the others remaining on the roof. Shooting away.

    I thought that maybe he didn’t know it was Bane the moment he saw him, and just wanted to get away for some reason. But right when they land, Batman tells Selina that those men are ‘trained killers’. So he knows they are ‘trained killers’ and still flies away to let them carry out there plan and possibly kill thousands. At least two whole football teams. Gotham’s residence have radiation poisoning for the next hundred years when the films over.

    There should be some other type of weaponry on The Bat to take out killers if you don’t want to shoot them.

  14. Tomsays:

    I am goign to have to watch the film again, but I am sure when Bane is in the “courtroom” he says he wants Miranda/Talia bringing to him, the next scene shows her with Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox, followed by the next scene of Batman saving Gordon from the ice… BUT BATMAN ASKS WHERE MIRANDA IS… but Bruce Wayne was just with her…AFTER Bane asked her to be brought to him.
    Maybe I remember it wrong, but I am sure that scene was in the wrong order!

    1. Chrissays:

      Your totally right!! I noticed this last night watching the movie so your dead on.
      Also, surly when Bruce is “charged” by bane’s court he would of faced a bigger penalty then being tossed in the cell with Talia and Fox?

    2. I too noticed this event, and you just confirmed it 😀

    3. Tarsays:

      They’re not in the wrong order. Bane says he wants Miranda brought to him, and yes, the next time we see her she’s with Fox again. It’s a clue that Bane and Miranda are actually working together.

  15. Tads Obach Acostasays:

    Wasn’t there a scene where Lucius discovered that the auto-pilot was fixed? hinting Bat’s possible escape?

    1. Chadwicksays:

      Yes. You are absolutely right. They say it was fixed over six months ago by Bruce Wayne. So therefore the number one problem with this movie, according to this article, was explained. For as tightly as the author looked for flaws you would think they would be smart enough to look for answers as well.

      1. Hallowsays:

        Agreed. And the autopilot was more of software glitch as one of the engineers pointed out that Wayne actually installed a patch 6 months ago.

      2. but how did Batman escape the Bat when the shot a couple of seconds prior to detonation shows him the plane. Secondly, Fox tries to diagnose the Bat after the bomb went off. Where the hell did the Bat comes from?? wasnt it blown tp pieces by the BOMB?

  16. One more flaw that I noticed but couldnt confirm as yet was that when Bruce was back to Gotham and meets Fox, Fox was accompanied by Miranda Tate. While, Miranda has already been abducted by Bane in a prior scene where Gordon and team were sentenced to death by exile.

    1. Tarsays:

      That’s the point. It was a clue that Miranda was actually working with Bane.

  17. Raysays:

    Really good article. First time I saw this movie, I didn’t notice the flaws. After re-watching it, I noticed everything. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one!

  18. Keltarisays:

    You forgot the biggest flaw in the movie: It sucked! The follow up The Dark Knight – the best superhero movie made to date – with this pile of crap. The disappointment of this movie rivals – or even eclipses – the Star Wars prequels.

    1. wowdudesays:

      you just have awful taste in movies my friend. Star wars episode 3? are you fucking kidding me that movie was amazing, same with the 2 before it. Yeah DKR wasnt as good as its predecessor but it still wasnt bad. Now I suppose you are gonna tell me the easter bunny doesnt exist :[

      1. Keltarisays:

        He exists… well did. I ate him.

      2. Keltarisays:

        wait…. did you say Star Wars episode 3 was amazing?! wow… now look who has bad taste in movies.

  19. George Schulersays:

    what doesn’t make sense is why they wait 5 months for the bomb to go off when they have a detonator

    1. Millard Filmoresays:

      Bane tells Bruce in the prison cell that he’s going to give the people of Gotham false hope – let them think they have a choice only to crush it a few months later.

  20. Gwydionsays:

    Is it possible Batman could have released the cable from the Bat, dropping the bomb, and flown upwards to escape the blast? It had a 6 mile radius, right? This would have made it possible to show Batman in the cockpit 5 seconds before it went off and have him still alive. Wouldn’t have needed the autopilot for that, though, unless for whatever reason he needed to release the cable by hand, which seems silly, but then I don’t remember how exactly it was attached.

    There were a few things that kind of bothered me (like how his back got fixed), but this scene wasn’t one of them.

    1. Bob Koalasays:

      Uuhhh mate you realize that 6 miles in 5 seconds is 4320 miles per hour?

  21. Millard Filmoresays:

    The one that bothered me the most was how everyone knew Wayne was Batman – ok, really just Blake and Bane (he says welcome, Mr. Wayne when they meet in the cage). And how Gordon just instantly deduced it was Wayne at the end. I was surprised that the only other people to know were Fox and that accountant in TDK and now all these other people knew.

    1. dysfunction41399says:

      Gordon didnt instantly decide he was Bruce Wayne, He told him about when he put his coat on him as a kid. When the two richest people in your city are gunned down and you talk with their son, thats an easy situation to remember.

  22. DarkFansays:

    About that last flaw, one of the ending scenes is Fox consulting with the engineers as to how the autopilot can be fixed and one of the engineers notices that it is actually already fixed 6 months ago. Fox asks to trace who made the modifications and the engineer says Bruce Wayne. So there you have it, he actually fixed the autopilot a long time ago without telling anyone. He presumably was able to eject from the bat and let it run its course way before the blast.

    1. awesomesauce88says:

      Yes, but the movie shows him flying out in the batwing with only seconds left on the bomb’s timer. This means that he ejected, and glided miles away mere seconds before the blast.

      1. Joseph Chastainsays:

        He wouldn’t have needed to have been miles away. The bomb went off in the air. It wouldn’t have affected the water below.

      2. Michael Norvillesays:

        Hmm. A nuclear explosion with a blast radius capable of wiping out everything within six miles is survivable because he’s “under water”?

        Maybe the Batplane had a fridge that he climbed into just before the explosion went off.

      3. dudesays:

        i don’t think you realize how powerful the chemical properties of water are, in fact it is a major component of some nuclear reactor coolant.

      4. jayphayessays:

        Actually, with even mild distance and reasonable depth (not to mention a re-breather), it’s possible- albiet implausible- for him to survive dependent on the height of the blast. Or, at the very least, it’s inherently acceptable in the context of a COMIC BOOK MOVIE- of which even Nolan’s interpretations demand some suspension of disbelief.

      5. In a similar fashion to Batpod inside the Tumbler, there is actually a smaller flying Batpee ejected out from the Bat that Nolan did not have time to show. This flying mosquito gets him from earlier from India to Gotham too.

      6. Serithosays:

        Nice, reference the only one of the Indiana Jones movies that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Or perhaps I should say, Burn.

      7. Andysays:

        It was an editing trick, you we’re “dooped”

      8. MBIIsays:

        that’s my thought on the matter

    2. Anjansays:

      I remember this part where he is taking off and mentions to either cat woman or Fox that there is no autopilot. Ummm… a weird lie for a superhero if he had actually fixed it.. may be an attention seeking gimmick 🙂

      1. Joseph Chastainsays:

        Obviously he was planning on faking his death for a while.

      2. Logansays:

        He said no autopilot..We should get a look at the script because there is a difference if there is a comma in that sentence. No autopilot vs. No, autopilot would have two entirely different implications. Given that he directs this comment at Selina I am inclined to believe that the comma meaning was the one he meant. .

      3. lolwtfsays:

        Yeah, he did say no autopilot.. But Bruce wanted everyone to think that he was dead so he could retire from being Batman.

      4. Logansays:

        I think you missed the point I was trying to get across. He could have been sending a message to Selina. I agree with your second sentence though

      5. Serithosays:

        So by your logic, and frankly given how garbled by background sounds the movie was it should have had them anyway, all the audience needed was subtitles to understand the full implications of his sentence. I could see that.

      6. ojro24r3234543says:

        better question: tell me why does he sit in the chamber until the very last moment, if there was an autopilot?

      7. Phelanthropysays:

        he already jumped out. that was the cockpit of the Bat-Sub

      8. Dick Graysonsays:

        Maybe he was debating whether to stay in the plane and die or escape and live a normal life.

    3. tony dsays:

      this article acknowledges that the autopilot is fixed. Its the fact that there was a minute left and batman is shown still in the cockpit so how did get get away from the blast radius of ‘6 miles’ so fast

      1. Travelling at just 360 miles per hour, you’d cover that 6 miles in 1 minute.

    4. getty upsays:

      Why couldn’t Batman drop the bomb and then fly away in the Bat. Thats why they showed him in the cockpit still!

      1. Jayphayessays:

        Um…because the resulting crest of an oceanic nuclear blast would have FLOODED Gotham?

      2. Armando Romerosays:

        No, Actually A Atomic Bomb Wouldnt Cause A Tsunami, Atomic Bombs In Real Life Have Been Tested At Sea

    5. Who thumbed you down? lmao it’s 100% true.

    6. Olafsays:

      As Batman takes the bomb up, up and away he flies towards a building and for some reason blows half of it up. Blake and the kids react on the bridge. Then shortly after the Bat flies out of the smoke. Batman ditched the Bat & the bomb then. It’s quite the diversion and provided plenty of cover for him to disappear as well as time for the Bat to fly far enough away… on autopilot.

  23. crazymonkeysays:

    So what about during the final battle scene, cops decided to fight the militia with hand guns and batons????? Who are they trying to fight? Angry protesters? No! These are highly-skilled, soldiers with assault rifles and tanks. And to make things worse, cops decided to run toward them – militia with semi-rifles. I laughed, when I saw that militia was just as dumb as the cops, because they can’t seem to aim right, to that huge blob of people running toward at you. The whole battle scene was a big letdown. When both parties have guns (not swords), why would they fight head on with nothing but their arms and legs?? If the Batman had somehow disabled the weapons, using his electromagnetic or whatever gun he used earlier, the whole fight scene might be more believable.

    1. Hallowsays:

      I thought the trained militia or league of shadows nowhere near as big as 3000 cops mentioned in the movie. That’s why they had to release the prisoners and enrage the poor for rioting to have better control. Sure, the militias lead the important points, but they put the bums on the frontline lol. If you look back Batman Begins training scene with the hallucinogen, where Bruce was about to be included in league of shadows, the number of ninjas was at most a hundred or so, I get the impression that league of shadows is never meant to have many members at once. And some of the tanks were subdued by the Bat in the beginning of the battle.

    2. jayphayessays:

      Um, he did…… 🙂 Or, at least, those with e-regs.

  24. JwnzPwnzsays:

    1. I recall Alfred leaving Bruce because he didn’t want to watch another member of the Wayne family be buried.
    Alfred would never, ever leave Bruce for continuing to be Batman. what the fuck?

    2. Why is Bruce nursing a messed up knee for 8 years? The Batman I’ve grown up with wouldn’t let a little busted knee stop him. He wouldn’t putz around his mansion for 8 years feeling sorry for himself.

    3. If Bruce did survive and that whole scene at the end wasn’t part of Al’s imagination, then why the fuck would Batman EVER LEAVE GOTHAM?!!??!?!?!! Bane is still alive isn’t he? Unless i missed that part where he’s dead or apprehended.

    4. His name IS NOT Robin…. really? And finding the Batcave in the end? Is “robin” just supposed to train himself?? Is he going to become Nightwing? <== Nit-picky, i know.. but christ… look at everything else thats wrong with it. Hard not to be.

    1. Josephsays:

      Bane is very much dead at the end of the film. Selina kills him with a shotgun.

    2. Eamssays:

      I think the whole thing here is that this is not the Batman you or I have grown up with. Note that this is the Nolans’ own reimagining of the character. Granted your arguments would’ve been valid with other iterations of Batman, but here the Nolans decided to make him more realistic (or atleast to them). They needed a pained and vulnerable Batman/Bruce Wayne to complete their story. With the Robin thing, I don’t think he’ll be robin, he’ll be Batman again precisely because as Bruce said, anyone can be Batman.

  25. IamBatmansays:

    If Batman died, how did they explain Bruce Wayne’s death? If he didn’t die, why’d they fake Bruce Wayne’s death?

    1. dysfunction41399says:

      With the trials they had it would be pretty easy to account any of the missing people as dead. And if Bruce was in another country everyone would presume he was dead.

  26. Spider Jerusalemsays:

    The film was good and so is this list except the whole time it took for him to get back, I’ve seen others and concure with them that they had made up for all the time it would take for Bruce to get back. Not to mention I’ve seen it twice. The list does lack the fact that they would send the ENTIRE police force to go find Bane. I get it you want him gone, yet you would hold men back, and you just wouldn’t send them in without intel or anything like that. What happened to sending a scout team to find him then try to get in there? That scout team would have their work cut out for them, but still it’s better to have an idea of what’s going on then just send everyone in. The film is good and entertaining, but it’s no Dark Knight that had intelligence and great story telling in it. The ending is dumb plain and simple, for them to not plan on doing anymore films without Nolan was dumb. For them to not try and replace Heath Ledger is dumb. Why? I will tell you why, Heath died plain and simple. They recast Rachel Dawse and no one complained too much, but it worked. To me that says that they can be trusted to give the best possible person their shot at taking on Heaths work and making a Joker that is just as good if not better than his Joker. Even if they didn’t want to do that, and I understand it’s a big decision to try and replace Heath, he did an amazing job, but you don’t even mention the Joker??? Why not, even mentioning him makes the audience feel all giddy in knowing that they are talking about that villain. Hell I remember before Heath was cast, at the end of Batman Begins when they introduce the card and it said Joker how I felt. This film could have been more epic then what it was, it’s better than most third films in comic book franchises, and I will enjoy watching it a couple more times, but not as much as I enjoyed The Dark Knight, and continue to enjoy it.

  27. scepticsnackssays:

    Well the entire plan to have the nuke explode over the ocean would have caused a huge tsunami. The blast from the nuke would have put a huge crater into the ocean, spreading out the water, huge tidal ripple effects spreading from point of impact. Even if the flying bat flew upwards to move it away from the water, the movie mentioned the nuke having a blast radius of 6 miles and the atmosphere would have been too thin since the flying bat is propellor based, and 6 miles is two thousand feet higher than mount everest

    1. Godsays:

      This is false, nuclear blasts do not have an effect on tides, not sure on the science behind it, but it’s true. What I’m more concerned about is the nuclear pollution that will result from this blast, it will last for hundreds of years. All of Gotham would be dead anyway.

      1. GJPinkssays:

        I believe it was described as a neutron bomb. Next to no damage to structures. Destroy living tissue instantly and little or now residual radio activity. A rarely mentioned aspect of the Japanese bombs was excluding those killed during the explosions , the life expectancy of survivors was actually higher than average. I don’t recommend hanging around nuclear expulsions, but the effects can diffent than you would expect.

  28. Do we really know that the last 5 second shot was in the cockpit? very close up, could have been somethng else – an eject-o-pod, maybe. Aslo, do we really know that the 23 hours comment was chronological with Bruce leaving prison? And as far as getting back, same way he got to Asia in Batman Begins: stowing away on ships, trains, etc.And wasn’t it a neutron fusion bomb? Same effect a A-bomb? Don’t know. But how did the copter survive?

  29. BeamMeUpRobinsays:

    Lots of big plotholes in DKR, but most of them didn’t detract from the film. One thing that I haven’t seen mentioned much is the relative firepower of the Bat-vehicles. The Bat-Pod/Bike we know was the escape pod part of the Tumbler/Batmobile when it got trashed, yet in DKR how come the Pod as piloted by Selina was so much more powerful than the Tumblers used by Bane’s forces, in the big battle at the end a single shot from the Pod would blow up the Tumblers but surely they would be more hardcore than the Pod?

    Other than that, the usual gripes about Blake instantly knowing that Wayne is Batman, and why Bruce let himself go over the 8 years and then instantly made himself super-Batman after a few pressups in the hotel prison then teleported back to Gotham City. Batman has a personal transporter right? Thats the only way he could’ve done it, Also explains the Bomb/Bat/Autopilot snafu at the end hehe 🙂

  30. Fan 930says:

    another big flaw was how anti-climactic banes death was. I think he deserved more than that.

    1. MBIIsays:

      That’s not a logical plot flaw, that’s a subjective opinion.

  31. Tap Dancing Firemansays:

    One of the biggest flaws would have to be the prisoners stuck in the “hell hole” because they couldnt make that jump. With the amount of rope they had, are you trying to tell me that know one could figure out a way to use it toorm to the other without doing a “leap of death”? Im not even going to bother listing all the differnt contraptions they could have made using all that rope & even just rocks. Long story short, that prison wouldnt even work as a day care center & all the prisoners would have been out of there & high fiving each other over happy meals by the end of the day.

  32. Jhandsays:

    While the title of the article is good, the flaws listed are not. Here are actual flaws of the movie:
    1. I am sorry miss Tate, but Selena (who is not really a part of bane’s gang) can only convince the guards to take bruce and Lucius to bane. You have to stay here and rot in prison while we just beat up the guards seconds later.
    2. Batman pulls a Indiana jones and escapes a nuke.
    3. Batman is a huge douch….he lets Alfred and Lucius, two people who deserve his trust, think that the autopilot doesn’t work. (he straight up tells lucius.) and lets Alfred mourn him a second time.–For no reason! It was not a lie to trick a super villain, just to keep the audience in suspense. Poor writing there.
    As for how he could have survived. In order to get out of the blast radius…he only had to fly 72 mph to get the bomb 6 miles away in 5 minutes. But he was seen, I believe, mere seconds before the explosions….well 3 possiblities: A. He jumped out and had a rocket take him to the bottom of the ocean while avoiding the bends. B. the Autopilot was actually a blow up batman similar to the movie Airplane. 3. Superman saw what was going on and saved him….which will be shown in a JLA or worlds finest movie.

    Unlike what is stated in the article, it doesn’t say his back was broken. A vertebrate was displaced and the prisoner popped it into place. therefore bruce only had to wait for the swelling around his spinal cord to go down. this is more realistic, but the time duration during the last half of the movie were confusing and sketchy.

    Finally the ending with “Robin Blake” taking presumably taking on the mantle of the bat was lazy righting too. There were boo’s in the audience when his Robin name was revealed, and If Joe Gordon-Levitt thinks his boyish figure can be a superhero after he ruined cobra commander, he should get a kick in the nuts.

  33. ,mosays:

    for the bomb thing he could dive upwards and survive the back thing is actually a real way to treat a broken back the romans used it

  34. MisterWesticlessays:

    Am I the only one bothered by how anti-climactic Bane’s death was?

    1. Rasta Blastersays:

      after the credit scene shows Bane dusting himself off, “arrh, you used cannons,admirable, that would have been very painful…for you”

      1. Jason Jeffries-Glasgowsays:

        perhaps he’s wondering why he wasn’t thrown out of a plane

    2. nope…i mean he cause all that chaos, and thats how they killed him off…he deserved better then that as a villian, they should have just had batman push him off a building lol

    3. Josesays:

      I thought exactly the same!!! It was rubbish.

    4. guanericksays:

      I had thought the same, and had agreed with friends to that point. However, i do not think it is a stretch, in a Nolan Batman movie to say that this was almost expected due to a few things:

      1. Gives redemption to Catwoman.
      2. Bane was about to shoot him in the face with a shotgun. Previously, he had taken him down with his hands. He resorted to alternate means, and thus so did the competition.

      Just my 2 cents.

    5. Just saw your comment and I agree 100%. I’ve seen the movie 11 times and loved every minute, but, it does bother me how extremely anti-climactic Bane’s death was.

      1. Dr. Ballbagssays:

        11 times? You fuckin nerd LOL

    6. ComColesays:

      I was extremely bothered by the fact that Catwoman silently rode the bike into the building. I’m pretty sure going up the stairs would have made noise.

  35. MisterWesticlessays:

    Also,I feel the ending to be a metaphor for Batman.We saw Alfred see Wayne and Kyle together.Fact.Yet there are many assumptions made when it is said that Bruce/Batman survived(They happened to be at the same cafe in all of Italy,that Alfred seemed indifferent when he saw that Bruce was alive,etc.)YET the showing of the 5-seconds left after a shot of Batman in the cockpit could have been Nolan manipulating the film system,and in fact the two shots were separate.So the ending is ambiguous.Did Batman die,or did he live?You may have thought that the ultimate sacrifice was a fitting end for the Caped Crusader.Or maybe you need to believe that he lived on,happily.The ending is whatever you need it to be,just like Batman.

  36. Logansays:

    I’ve been reading many articles about this movie and I must admit yours is my favorite simply because of your opening two paragraphs acknowledging that some flaws will be there and you just have to roll with them because, well, he’s the batman. I agree with all of your flaws in the sense that you addressed them because you cite them as simple flaws that do not actually detract from the movie itself but are just there. I have a couple notes to add- One-about the broken back, It is the internet so do not take me for my word here, but I have read the recovery time for a dislocated disc (which is what he had in the movie) is a lot shorter than we’d think and easier to heal. Second- when I viewed it the second time I couldn’t help but think of the importance of the comma! Think of the difference when Selina Kyle asks him about flying the Bat…”No autopilot” or “No, autopilot” the second meaning he was telling her he would be using it which would tie in nicely with the way they were together at the end of the film. Since you notice that he directed that comment only at her it is a lot more plausible. I think there may have just been editing issues concerning his tenure in the bat for the sake of dramatic flare.

    1. Drewsays:

      Good observations!

  37. Logansays:

    On another note, I’ve read through the comments in which some expressed a similar feeling to my own concerning the anticlimactic deaths of both bane and Talia. However, the more I’ve thought about it the happier I am with this portrayal for this reason. If either of their deaths had been dramatic it would have taken away from Batman’s faked death which is what I believe Nolan wanted to be the big moment in this film. It would have made the last hour too busy. Additionally, it furthers the entire films concept of being about Bruce Wayne. As important as Talia and Bane are to the story, they are secondary to the Bruce concluding his character arc and achieving peace. So upon further thought, although it is slightly anticlimactic, it would be unreasonable to expect a dramatic death from either villain if you want the focus to remain on Batman.

    1. Nicainsays:

      Bane needed a better death, I would have been happy with a 2 on 1 fist fight, getting shot with a cannon was kinda bleh after the two and a half hour build up. I think batmans ‘fake’ death could have had more substance too.

      1. Logansays:

        I would have been cool with a 2 on 1 fistfight as well. I thought Batman’s ‘fake’ death was done quite well though

      2. Direstridesays:

        Why do villains need a spectacular, drawn out, or dramatic death? All it serves to do is to turn them into martyrs. It brings up feelings of sympathy for people who don’t deserve it. Bane was a mass murderer who deceived an entire city – allowing them to feel hope so that in their final moments they would experience the epitome of despair, for as he says ‘there cannot be true despair without hope’.

        In the conclusion of the Sword of Truth book series, the main antagonist, Jagang, is killed without his manner of death even being narrated, and his body is thrown into a grave with his followers. Terry Goodkind did not do this villain of about 8 books the service of a proper death or burial, because he didn’t deserve it. No villain does, and I applaud Nolan for keeping with this idea.

    2. S Garrettsays:

      I actually thought that, with all of Bane’s hard core ruling, that Batman was going to HAVE to break his one rule. I would have liked to see that. I think it would have been justified. The problem is, technically Batman didn’t defeat Bane. So his record is 0 -2. I don’t know if anyone should have/would have been upset at him breaking his one rule in this drastic circumstance

      1. MadSaverysays:

        I would have to agree on this one. Batman defeated Bane utterly and completely. He beat him into submission. Granted he was stabbed by Talia, but we all know he wasn’t going to kill Bane…he wouldn’t. I think Bane’s death was perfect. He was shot by someone without the same rules as batman after he was soundly beaten and defeated by Batman. As for Talia, I think her death was fine as well. She was obsessed with avenging her father to the point where she considered her job done by not understanding who the Batman really is. She died in an insignificant way trapped in her own sense of self righteousness. Ultimately she was insignificant and was defeated by her own obsessions.

      2. MadSaverysays:

        Oops! *disagree*

  38. The Correctorsays:

    How Batman escaped the bomb WAS basically explained. The character Morgan Freeman plays (i forget the character’s name) found out after Batman died that Bruce Wayne had fixed the autopilot on the plane Batman used to carry the bomb. That plane got very far out into the ocean when the bomb went off, leaving many miles of bare water between the blast radius and the shore. The movie pratically suggests that Batman turned on the auto pilot on the plane and jumped into the ocean before the bomb went off.

  39. Joseph Chastainsays:

    Talia’s death scene was perfect. Most people don’t die in barrages of explosions or other nonsense. She died like a real person does. So what if it doesn’t fit with your idea of how the main villain of a movie should die?

  40. Jordansays:

    at one point someone told morgan freeman the autopilot on the bat was fixed so it could have been the autopilot that flew the bomb to sea while batman chilled on a roof or something

  41. Cody Wsays:

    As for the back healing part, I honestly think Nolan was trying to stay true to the comic origins of the “the pit” it was Nolans version of the lazarus pit which was actually a pit that had healing powers. But if you were thrown in the pit alive and without injury it would either kill you or severely maim you. Bane was put in the pit healthy and came out maimed(his mask/face) batman was thrown in the pit on the brink of death, and he comes out fully regenerated. Not sure if that was Nolans actual intentions but thats my guess.

    1. VulcanApollosays:

      Brilliant observation! If you are a fan of the comics, Nolan just snuck a whole bunch of things in there for you.

    2. Serithosays:

      Feels pretty out of place given that there has been no “Magic” to date, everything has been explained in all films thus far as being without magic but with skill and technology.

      1. Sparkleafsays:

        Which is probably why Nolan didn’t want to go into specifics.

    3. Joker's Wildsays:

      THIS. This is exactly what I was thinking. I’ve seen the film four times in theatres so far, and each time I think about the Lazarus Pit idea when I see Bruce in the prison. Towards the end (right before he makes the climb without the rope), everything starts to take on a greenish hue, more and more as the scenes progress. For anyone who knows what a Lazarus Pit is, you know that they’re green. AND, in the Batman Begins novelization by Dennis O’Neal, one of Ra’s Al Ghul’s journals refers to “The Pit,” which could be seen as an allusion to the prison.

      Also, about none of the inmates of the Pit being violent when Bruce gets dropped off there…there’s a line in the film given by Wayne’s caretaker that says “This is Bane’s prison now,” implying that Bane is using it to incarcerate those who have stood in his way, people he wanted to punish more than he wanted to kill. Especially the doctor, who failed to keep Bane healthy and forced him to wear the weight belts, vest, and mask.

  42. Callum Shawsays:

    One thing i didn’t really get is how the doctor states his body is badly deteriorated however he’s still built like he’s on steroids?! At the end of the day it a movie so i reckon i’ll get over it

  43. jasonsays:

    I did think that one thing was hilarious. When the cops attacked the terrorists they did it in a narrow alley amidst lots fo buildings. Neither side took up sniper positions? And when people were gunned down, I saw Ak 47 on people’s backs as they engaged in fist fights. And…no one shot Bane/ Batman in the Face. 1st person to go for would be the leaders on either side. just saying…

  44. Thestegmansays:

    Sounds like idle nit picking to me.

  45. Bob E Thomassays:

    This was probably pointed out several times, but the pit was emptied by Ra’s and was then used to house people who annoyed/disagreed with him. It was explained in the movie. It’s not a pit full of savages anymore.

  46. I noticed the second time watching when batman is hauling the bomb off that the edit of him in the cockpit for a few seconds shows shadows being cast on his cowl. This tells me that he is in the second bat-jet flying near buildings. Might have been right before he blows a hole through the building. My guess is that he was never endangered when the bat-jet first flew over the river.

  47. NOWAYsays:

    By far the biggest flaw was that Hines Ward returned the kickoff for a touchdown. Never would happen in a million years.

  48. Fanfan Serbersays:

    10. There was the Joker before. Then, less villains, but of course, there are still a lot. But less than before.
    9. Are you a vampire?
    8. I would figure out too. The tall, the eyes, the mouth, but above all because some points let people think he’s the Bat.
    7. We’re not in the reality. I don’t thinkt the weapons of Batman really exist…
    6. Yeah, her death is ridiculous. But I don’t like deaths in cinema. So, in the car or somewhere else. And I’m not a scientifist, impossible for me to say if Bruce was seriously injured or not… Or even John. (so what, you expected them to die?! xD)
    5. They above all seem old and too weak to attack him. We don’t see a lot about this jail to say something. But Bruce is already injured so why would they do something else to him? (do you like to attack handicap?)
    4. He spends time training in the prison, so in the end, he finally can be ok. With your will you can do everything. I don’t know at which point he was injured in the comics, but let’s say it’s a different story so mayba here it was not so important.
    3. I don’t know. He’s intelligent, you know? I don’t know how many time he spent travelling between the desert and Gotham, but he surely has some friends to help him to go to Gotham (I don’t know where Gotham is since it’s not a real town, it could have been London, so not so far in fact)
    2. I need to watch this film again. Anyway, policemen got guns too. So it’s not so unbelievable. Maybe because of the hanks, but one of them is beaten by Batman.
    1. I don’t know for the end, it depends on people. SOme believe he’s alive, some no. So…Is it the film’s fault? I dunno. But if he escaped, it’s because of the autopilot stuff. Otherwise, I don’t htink it would be so much mentionned.
    N.B.: Christian is handsome in the end ♥

    I like this film!!!

  49. JDMEsays:

    Did anyone notice that when commissioner Gordon steps on the ice it’s daylight, and by the time he goes 2 feet it’s night.
    The cops come out of being in a hole for 80+ days and are still in their uniforms and freshly shaved, they must have been sending them more than food.
    The “Bat” is hidden on a rooftop under a camo tarp, weak.

    I LOVED the movie, just saw it in IMAX and it was amazing!

  50. Yahraessays:

    Some of the main flaws mentioned I agree with and some I didn’t care about… But I’d like to add a few… And I realize some of my flaws or questions may have answers…
    1. First half of the film neither myself, my friend and some of the audience around us could make out what Bane was saying. I’ve read so much on this… Some audience members understood, some didn’t… To me it’s enough to warrant as flawed.
    2. At the end there is a comment that Bruce Wayne recently reconfigured the bomb or rest something dealing with the bomb… I lost it…
    3. Alfred crying at the funeral. So, I think this was just a theatrical device to mess with the audience because why all the over-the-top drama? I get the whole “if they all think you’re dead you can inspire some and make the others forget” but it seemed very disingenuous. Along with the autopilot conversation and the timing of the bomb…I don’t get it.
    4. The whole “u will suffer and watch them all die”… Well I get that the bomb was gonna go off anyway, but it didn’t seem like these super ninjas who did so much planning suddenly had no back up plan.
    5. The love of letters… Two major scenes hinge on a letter Alfred burns and a speech Comm Gordon wrote… And somehow this 5 page confession is found and is read by Mr Mush mouth and taken at grill-face value.

  51. Alejo Estarellassays:

    When Fox asks the engineers “I need to know what could I have done” when they are asked to fix the auto-pilot doesn’t that give away that Bruce is Batman? Don’t remember it very well but I think it does.

  52. duhsays:

    Without a doubt the biggest fault is that Bruce Wayne was broke because of his futures being exercised the day the market was invaded. Transactions probably would have been suspended…

    1. Clemsonsays:

      Yeah for sure, I mean we can give some benefit of the doubt due to the fact that we dont know what sort of software bane was using to place the trades (its bane), but the notion that Bruce Wayne would have lost all his money is ridiculous, they mentioned that the options contracts expired, meaning the only cost to him would be to place to [options contracts + brokerage commission] (but we can assume there is no brokerage commission in the way bane made the trades)

      In the event of these faulty trades, Bruce would definitely have been refunded for the option contract fees, and ALSO there is no way that Bruce Wayne HIMSELF had no wealth… the way they made it seem in the movie is that if Wayne Enterprises (as a corporation) goes bankrupt then that means Bruce Wayne is bankrupt….. this would mean that Bruce Wayne has no money at all and he simply just uses the corporate credit card for all expenses…

      1. MBIIsays:

        As a finance minor, I’m upset at myself that I didn’t realize this sooner! But that’s probably why I’m doing it as a minor instead of a major. Got so sick hearing about bonds and options and futures…

  53. Niharikasays:

    On the second last flaw, I had a doubt, that when Batman shoots down the missile tanks with the Bat why couldn’t he just shoot down Bane and his men at the same time? Why did he have to take off just to return there without the Bat and unarmed?

    1. Clemsonsays:

      Because he doesnt kill

    2. James Matlocksays:

      Because Batman doesn’t kill with guns and ammo. That’s his rule, of “no killing” that he was trying to impart to Blake and Catwoman. He didn’t kill the Joker when he could have in TDK and he let Ra’s Al Ghul crash himself on the train in BB.

      1. Nathan Clarksays:

        Except he does kill… letting Ra’s Al Ghul die on the train and by pushing Harvey Dent off a building. I mean I hate to break it to good ole Bruce but thats still murder.

  54. becerrosays:

    but if anyone can do it, Batman can … thats the answer to all the questions .. i dont care for anything else

  55. Dave M.says:

    I have seen this article written dozens of times already and for the most part, it is awfully close to the same 10 things on each list (I did like how you mentioned the medieval prison medicine part though). Why not discuss what you liked about the movie though? Clearly everyone has their problems with this movie but nobody is outright against it. You even come out and say that you really enjoyed it? What did you enjoy about it? For me, to greatly enjoy something, those pros need to outweigh the cons and you practically listed the entire movie here.

  56. Hannah Holtsays:

    Ok – MY biggest gripe is the radiation from the bomb. Are you telling me that the Batwing was able to get it more than 6 miles from Gotham over a BAY?? Even if that magically happened the radiation poisoning would be extreme.

  57. mikesays:

    I think your “flaws” are redundant.

  58. James Matlocksays:

    These are very good and valid points, and after seeing the film twice I will agree with you on pretty much all of them. The only particular gripe I had was about the 3,000 plus cops who went into the sewers to search for Bane. I noticed that they were all armed with guns, assault rifles and night sticks and even there were SWAT teams as well, but I noticed the lack of riot gear, such as shields, smoke grenades, etc. You would think that if this terrorist that they were searching for was as bad as he sounded, it would have made more sense for them to be armed to the teeth just in case they found him and his men. And then, what happened to that weaponry when they came out of the sewers? And also, while they were down there for the mentioned 3 months, once Batman and Blake come to free them as they were about face off against Bane and his men, not one of them showed like they were living underground for that period of time, I’m talking about they all looked clean, healthy and shaven. I’m pretty sure the rations they got did not include portable showers, razors and hair trimmers and toothbrushes, lol.

  59. Diamabelsays:

    I didn’t think Bruce’s back was broken in the movie, but just injured and had a protruding disk. Granted, fixing it in such a fashion is unlikely but nowhere near the same as fixing a broken back, so I gave it a pass since it is a superhero movie.

  60. Tobysays:

    When Bruce takes the leap of faith in the pit, he doesn’t use run-ups even though the ledge is long enough. Same goes for the prisoner we see trying before Bruce.

    They needed long jump training, I think.

    1. Tobysays:

      Also, I’ve never been a fan of the guns on The Bat, the Tumbler, and the Bat-pod. Sure, it may have been built for the military, but Batman should’ve removed the guns to stay true to his no-gun rule. Should use the EMP and other non-explosive weapons only.

  61. Ben Sunderlandsays:

    I agree that Banes death was horrible, I saw the movie twice now and seriously could not remember how or when he died, so I downloaded it so see what happened since spoilers are so hard to find. Catwoman blowing him away was a good idea but it was delivered poorly, very anti-climatic, one sec he was there, then next they go on chasing the bomb, in in fact I had trouble finding where in the movie bane died because there was no reference point or any way to gauge if I was even close, like they just got bored with the character and just ended him to get to the end of the film, I agree that his death could not outshine Batman’s (supposed) death, but a villain of a third movie in a trilogy that lasted nearly 3 damn hours deserved better, even with his silly british accent.

  62. Fredsays:

    Also, when he returned to Gotham, he was clean shaven with no explaination.

    And this wasn’t quite a mistake, but i bothered me that the Gotham Police’s jackets and cars could be seen having GCPD (Gotham CITY police department) or GPD (Gotham police department)

    1. jayphayessays:

      Could have gone to Wayne Manor (just on outskirt of city limits)… either that or he has a bat-beard.

  63. Thoughtssays:

    Although it shows Batman in the cockpit of the “Bat,” who’s to say he was indeed in the cockpit of the Bat and not a disengage-able mobile Bat, like in the first movie with the Batmobile into the Bat Bike thing. They put emphasis on the Bat having Autopilot… Just some food for thought..

  64. OmegaBsays:

    There’s never a continuous scene showing Batman loading the ‘bomb’ into the Bat, then flying with it, without interruption. When the shot breaks away, we’re supposed to figure out (through the reveal at the end of the movie that he fixed the auto-pilot), he either ejected early on, or wasn’t in the Bat when the bomb detonated, out at sea. As for the cockpit scenes, it’s never explicitly spelled out that 1) it’s in real-time, synched with the bomb’s countdown, or 2) that he’s in the cockpit of the Bat (at least not the Bat carrying the bomb – there were multiple Tumblers, there could well have been at least one extra Bat). It’s manipulative, we’re all meant to believe he’s in the Bat, sacrificing himself, but it’s far better for the character, and how he wants to ‘retire,’ to believe he had a back-up plan, even for this. The reveal that he’s alive is Nolan’s way of saying, “He left the game the way he wanted to, he was one step ahead of everything, right up until the end.”

    I do agree that the radiation poisoning would have been horrible & devastating, but it’s unfair to compare this bomb (which was never designed as a bomb, but a nuclear energy device) to real-world nuclear/atomic bombs, so possibly (???) it wouldn’t have been as severe in its radiation.

    As for Bane’s death, I thought it was a bit anti-climactic, but I think it had meaning – this was a villain Batman could not defeat, because he could not break his “one rule.” Catwoman had no such rule, and the execution was a statement of military/philosophical tenets: Some enemies can only be defeated through complete, life-taking violence, that trying to best them politically or ideologically will never quell them. Not saying I agree with it, I just think it was the film showing that Batman’s ideals and rules could meet an impasse that he couldn’t overcome, because he was bound by his rules. And maybe that’s one of several realizations he had, in the end, that made him realize there was no more place for a Batman, that people like Selina, and possibly a new heir to the Batcave et al, were/was needed.

    All that being said, the movie (much as I loved it), did have some logic goofs, most of which have been pointed out here and in similar forums, and it wasn’t perfect. But it was damned good, even if TDK was (arguably) a better stand-alone movie, this did a fantastic job of wrapping up the Bat-verse that Nolan created. And I think it’s great that so many people are spending this much time turning the movie inside out trying to understand it on every level. Nobody’s spending 3 minutes trying to figure out plot-twists, motivations, character development, or hidden meanings behind The Avengers. I’m not saying that wasn’t entertaining, but it didn’t spark this kind of thought or discussion.

    1. MBIIsays:

      Bravo! This the level-headed approach we need to see more of on the internet.

    2. MBIIsays:

      Bravo! This the level-headed approach we need to see more of on the internet.

  65. ben taylorsays:

    with the last ‘flaw’ you see the coutdown at 5 minutes (roughly). then theres a few other thing, then you see batman for the final time, then you see the bus of kids. it then comes to the final five seconds, and then the bomb blows. then, you discover at the end of the movie that bruce had fixed the autopilot on the batjet six months earlier. this all gives the implication that batman had jumped out of the batjet between the final time you see him and the bomb actually blowing. so if the batjet continued at its normal speed and batman jumped out after you saw him, he would have been out of the six mile blast radius 🙂

    1. ben taylorsays:

      but thats already been said haha

  66. IM BATMANsays:

    for number 5 one of the guys who were helping bruce was the prison docter so i would assume hes not a bad guy and wouldhelp him and the other said he was being paid to keep him alive

  67. Rasta Blastersays:

    the bat dropped the bomb in the water, reducing the explosion. Remember Fox flooding the room where the bomb came from. Mentioned earlier in the film that would do that.

  68. Alexsays:

    In regards to him leaving the pit and getting to Gotham, he didn’t do that within a few hours. His time in the pit and the chaos in Gotham are two different time frames. Just because the movie shows him escaping and then later it shows him in Gotham, doesn’t mean it happened right away. That whole Time frame takes place in 5 months. It could have been out in 3

  69. Lawsays:

    Some of the flaws I agreed with, while some I interpreted differently which caused these flaws to make sense to me.

    Flaw 6 – While Blake’s car did roll over, imo a roll over is far less lethal and survivable than being in the front seat of a truck as it falls hood first off an overpass. Also, i don’t believe prisoners falling from the jump were in “physical” agony but were portrayed to be in mental agony for failing to escape and be free.
    Flaw 5 – While it was odd that these prisoners were helpful, the violent prisoners in the flashbacks were said to be under the influence of some kind of “sickness.” Also, after Talia escaped and came back with her father, He took his revenge and killed all the prisoners that were violent and hurt Bane and threatened Talia.
    Flaw 4 – This might be a stretch on my part, but I don’ think Bane actually “Breaks” Batman’s back in the literal sense. I know he does in the Comics, but in The Dark Knight Rises, the dude in the prison says Bruce had a misplaced disk that was essentially popped back in by him. Maybe an out of place disk is the same as a broken back but i’m no doctor.
    Flaw 3 – I don’t think Bruce got from the prison to Gotham in a few hours. Banes reign on Gotham lasted 4-5 months or something like that so Bruce probably got to Gotham probably at least a few days or a week after escaping the prison. But i did think it was odd that he got into Gotham so easily, there should of been a little scene or montage showing this imo.
    Flaw 1 – My interpretation of the ending is that he is in fact alive and alfred is not imagining this. To me, because the Pearls were missing during the reading of the will and Selina was wearing them at the end when she was with Bruce leads me to believe she either stole them (again) or Bruce finally caved and gave them to her. And in regards to Batman escaping the explosion, is it possible that before the explosion he ejected and fell in the water? Would he be safe from the bomb underwater? I think the Mythbusters busted this, but he was wearing the his batsuit and utility belt, so maybe he had some underwater survival gear in there?
    That’s it, again this is just how I interpreted the movie, not tryin to be an ass.

  70. Bibo Reyessays:

    About Batman still being in the cockpit as he was over the bay; he wasn’t. That’s just another example of (annoyingly) clever editing by Nolan. No one ever said those shots were chronological. Plus, if you take a look at the final shot of Bats in the cockpit, you see shadows moving across his face. If he was out over the ocean, there couldn’t be any shadows, which has us assume that those were the shadows cast by the buildings, from when he was still in the city.

  71. The biggest flaw is the main plot with the “bomb”. No one knew that Bruce had the reactor under the river nor could have Bane anticipated that the police would be locked up inside the sewers.

    So what was the real plan then?

    1. Direstridesays:

      Talia knew about the fusion core because she commissioned it to be researched and built. Remember the ‘clean energy investment they kept talking about?’ Miranda Tate was actually Talia Al’Ghoul, Ra’s Al’Ghoul’s daughter, who was avenging her father and continuing his work with Bane as a protector, brute, assistant, etc.

      If you know anything about Bane, you’d know that he is a master strategist and a genius on the same intellectual level as Bruce Wayne (some argue that he is even smarter). A genius level strategist can predict their enemies’ responses to events with a shocking level of precision, as Bane demonstrated in the film. Everything was part of his plan, that’s how he knew to seal off all the sewers with the explosive-laced cement, he knew how the police would react to knowing his whereabouts and what they thought was his plan.

      1. Talia knew that he did some work on it and she might have suspected that Bruce faked its problems. However, should couldn’t have know that it is in fact working and hidden inside the city. For all she knew, he could have disassembled it.

        As for ‘master strategist’ point, it was an Ad Hoc plan hatched by Gordon who should have been dead previously in the film. So it couldn’t have been part of the plan since it was not even 50% possible to push all police officers into the sewers.

        It is convenient, but it is not purely planned.

  72. no mentioning whatsoever of the Joker in the movie…u have the city over run and criminals escaping everywhere , but no mentioning of what the JOker did. how hard would it to have did a walk by of his padded cell in Arkam with a laugh, didnt have to use footage of Heath there Nolan, or just mentioned he got out of the city and escaped or hes just enjoying all the mayhem from his cell, very Joker like, all that he did in the last film and not to get a mentioned is disprespect mr. Nolan to Heath’s performance. Sorry that is what u did. That just once of the flaws to me, not mentioned making us believe Blake is going to be Robin or Batman without any real training besides being a cop or the funds to finance a caped crusade lol

  73. peeweesays:

    fucking moron critics the magic brace? he has a flying machine! he has EMP devices and whatnot… the brace is nothing compared to all his other gadgets

  74. Are you kidding? What about the entire premise of “We have a nuclear bomb that we’re going to set to go off in FIVE MONTHS TIME!!!”

    Why? What for? “Ooh, we’re the League of Shadows, Gotham must die because Batman killed my father 10 years back even though you’ve gotten rid of crime completely!” And what about the men around Bane? One crazy woman and her equally brutal protector, yeah, I could see that, but he has an army all of whom are willing to die standing next to a bomb for no other reason than “because I said so”? And America is OK with sealing off the whole city and giving it to criminals? Give me a break, nuclear bomb or no, they’re not going to wait 5 months (co-incidentally, just enough time for Bruce Wayne to heal up and escape from the pit) before trying to do something about it!

    Very disappointed with this movie, remind’s me of The Matrix, astonishing start, totally crap ending!

  75. Nataliesays:

    I agree on all the 10 flaws but in discussions with my friends we have come up with couple more. And yes no film is without flaws and you shouldn’t get too stuck on them but I felt that this movie had A LOT and I mean so many plot holes and such for it to be the kinda Batman movie I was expecting. Also I haven’t read the comics so maybe some things just didn’t make sense bacause of that. But now to my opinion on strange/non-believable/dissapointing etc points of the movie
    #1 So right at the beginning in the airplane hijacking scene Bane and his cronies transfuse some of the Dr. Pavels blood to one of Banes followers to fake Dr. Pavels death. Would that really work? If I’m not mistaking, a body is identified by dental records or DNA or other means but the transfused blood surely wouldn’t mask the person’s DNA since the DNA is same in every cell of the body. Please correct if I’m wrong on that fact or misunderstanding the point of the transfusion.
    #2 I already mentioned Banes followers and what I was missing through the whole movie was some really good reason why Bane had so many followers that were loyal to extreme i.e dying gladly for the cause, not abonding Bane when he shot one of them for a mistake etc. I understand how he recruited some workers because those “too old” boys from orphanage were desperate and in need of job and shelter which Bane provided. Maybe I missed it and all the fanatic followers were from the league of shadows and that explains it all?
    #3 The underground activity. For one I find it unrealistic that no one noticed something shady was going on in the sewers, really how many people was down there? Also no one noticed that they were mixing explosives until Blake conveniently found some empty barrels on street, in plain view, and figured the plan in a second.
    #4 Blake. What can I say, he’s the only clever cop in the whole city of Gotham; very believable 😛 It’s not that I disliked the character but it did bother me how they made all the other cops useless with the sewer trap twist (dumbest thing ever, “Yes lets send ALL of the cops down in the sewers”) How Blake knew that Bruce Wayne is Batman was just very forced and so sudden! I was mentally snorting in that scene.
    #5 Relationship between Talia and Bruce. As someone else said, first he shows her the reactor, then they’re running in the rain, once inside the house they start kissing and in the next scene they are already naked and quite sated. Where is the development? Same thing about Batman and Catwoman, she betrays him couple of times and all but they just fall in love and Catwoman comes back instead of selfishly saving her own hide because she is a “fool”. Okay.
    #5 How Bane knew where all Batmans toys were. Just funny how Fox gathered all of the weapons under one roof to protect them from falling in the wrong hands, assured Wayne that everything was of the books and under a lock and Bane just comes and takes it all. Very well-guarded place indeed..

    There is probably more but I can’t right now wrap my mind around all the flaws, also I tried not to repeat things that have been already mentioned.

    Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, english is not my mother language I just have studied it for some years.

    1. Nomadsays:

      1. My take is they won’t be looking strictly for a body with particular DNA. Remember, that was a plane crash. Very messy. Just finding some of Pavel’s DNA could very well have been enough to “confirm” his death.

      2. Don’t forget about Bane’s relationship to Talia, who was Ra’s daughter. We’re talking about heavily-indoctrinated warriors who were probably acting under orders. Plus, if I was in Bane’s army and he told me he was going to kill me, I figure I could cooperate and die quickly or disobey and be killed slowly and painfully. That had probably happened before, too.

      3. That could be the result of a lack of scope shown for the sewers. I always imagine Gotham’s sewers to be a vast network of subterranean man-made caverns and tunnels. Apart from that, can’t really argue.

      4. Eh, from one orphan to another. I dunno, I kind of agree.

      5. Bruce and Talia’s relationship had been built years prior during their work on the reactor. Conversely, Selina’s relationship with Bruce shifts a bit after her meeting with him at the party (her condescension) and then when he arrives at her apartment (he might not be so vapid). It turns altogether when she learns Bruce Wayne is Batman and then watches Bane pulverize him and then break him. We see her reactions to that throughout the fight.

      6. Again, Bane’s relationship to Talia, aka Miranda Tate, who seemed to sit on a level near Fox’s. She probably knew where the armory was, though I really doubt she was told by anyone.

      1. jayphayessays:

        Some of these just fall into one key category: you don’t have to have all the answers for something to be believable. Bane’s knowledge of Batman’s armory…who knows? But, you really think a man of his prep and caliber wouldn’t exhaust resources or have any feasible way of finding this out?

    2. Tall Dudesays:

      Just a note on 5 re: Bruce and Talia’s relationship. This is part of her manipulation. It’s not about having a believable relationship development because she’s playing him like a fiddle. When she’s at Wayne Manor with him, he’s in an extremely vulnerable position and then she starts pushing his buttons. “Where’s Alfred?” “Who’s this?” (with Rachel’s picture) even though she probably already knows the answers to those questions. This only makes him more vulnerable and she takes advantage of him (remember she turns around and kisses him). And by sleeping with him, she takes any physical and mental edge he may have (remember, it’s probably been a while) right before he goes off and fights Bane (which she knows is going to happen as they’ve set a trap for him). Plus, it gives him false hope, which is a recurring theme in the movie.

  76. jamessays:

    wayne fixes the auto pilot and isnt even in the plane when its flying over the ocean. we know this from when fox has his team examine another prototype, Batman probably jumps out when the Bat – jet blows through the building just before it crosses into the bay

  77. ScorpiusJonessays:

    all i can say is apparently in the ending, some scientist mentions to Fox that The Bat received a patch 6 months ago by Bruce.

  78. relentless1says:

    with the “flaw” of bruce wayne gettin back into gotham, it was stated at his time of escape back in gotham that there was 23 days til the bomb was set to go off

  79. Shersays:

    These are very mundane flaws if you ask me. Firstly, it’s a Batman film, so your dicrepancies are mute. Secondly, Bruce’s escape from the Pit may not have been in successive time. And finally, the only real distraction was Bane’s ADR voice. How did you miss that and come up with these 10 non-essential flaws??

  80. lolssays:

    LOL I think the most stupid flaw one was the all of Gotham police went inside the tunnels LOL. Thats the most stupidest thing ive ever heard to let all your cops go in the tunnels and get stuck? LOL

  81. They missed the marksays:

    Very surprised no-one is talking about Bane – like Nolan’s take on the Joker, it is lacking the core aspect of the character – that is: by growing up in an insano prison, he develped the will power that allowed him to use venom, which transforms him into a bat smashing machine.
    Nolan was fantastic at creating Batman as we wanted to see him, but lacking in the villain department:

    Can’t blame Heath for the Joker, he was amaizing with the scope that Nolan gave him, but he was a decidely ‘thugish’ Joker; not much dramatical flair and the amazing chemical engineering skills that the Joker is renouned for.
    As for ‘cat woman’, or in this case, a very sexy cat burgler, again the character is lacking the core aspect. The only semblance of cat woman was when she had her visor up (and of course the very sexy black outfit).
    Lastly: dropping a nuclear device slightly offshore of a large city does not save the day. It will do 2 things: 1.) Create a tsunami and 2.) Create mass nuclear fallout that will cause the residents of Gotham/New York (shot of central park!?!) to die slowly and painfully.

  82. revolvesays:

    The things that bothered me the most was the dramatic medieval-style clash between bane’s men and the cops in the streets; and then the entire seemingly magical process of healing a broken back by strenuous exercise that UFC fighters would do despite the lack availability of nourishment in the pit. I was thinking most of these points while watching it and maybe I have watched too many suspense movies but I found this movie waaaaay too predictable.

  83. kino fansays:

    surviving the neutron bomb could be dene by diving into the water, using it´s shielding effect…

  84. By far the biggest flaw was that this film was made.

  85. neosworkshopsays:

    There is a scene where Bruce Wayne asks Lucius for auto-pilot on the new bat-mobile and Lucius Fox does ask why, this happens when he gets out of the pit.

  86. Buddhasays:

    Thanks for sharing the ten biggest flaws, I fully agree with you, if, you are looking for the flaws, but the one that bugs me the most is the head to head battle between the cops and Banes army, we are shown the cops with hand guns drawn and night sticks, then we see Banes army with machine guns and that’s all I want to point out, so when the charge happens, Banes army start firing with there machine guns and we only really see one cop fall or killed, really, we know that the bad guys in all movies are never a good shot anyway, but come on, head to head with machine guns, then we see the cops charging and a few hand guns are shoot put yet no one on Bane’s side falls, really, for the short distance between each other, the first ten to twenty on both sides should have fallen. I do like all of the other points brought up, but the big fight bothered me the most. Thanks Buddha

  87. tonightsmealsays:

    Bane DID NOT break bruce’s back, he mearly knocked one of his spinal discs out of place, Yes that is still a serious injury, but it’s not a broken back. The man at the prison simply slams the disc back in place and bruce regains his back strength over the next 5 months. Of course its a stretch in reality but why are people saying his back was broken? Are they retarded?

  88. tonightsmealsays:

    also, The shot of batman when the clock hits 5 second shows now background besides the cockpit…Its obvious that when we see batmans reaction at 5 seconds hes already ejected and its hundreds of feet under the water when the bomb goes off

  89. AnotherOnesays:

    What about the fact that Bane’s half-hour long “Attack the Stock Exchange” plot made no sense whatsoever? There was no need at all to attack stock exchange, Dagget could have walked in with the tablet and done the trades himself. Also, the entire exchange got shut down when the cops cut the communications, so this means the SEC noticed that the only person in Gotham making trades after the attack was Bruce? And that he did it via a satellite connection to an iPad on the highway? And yet Alfred says that they’ll only be able to prove the trades were fraudulent eventually.

    1. Anonsays:

      My take on the stock exchange attack was so that Bruce could be shown to be harming the business, so he was thrown out of the board, as he was.
      The reason Dagget couldn’t just do it himself was because the stock activity would have been linked to him and not Bruce, so the board would have kicked him off and not Bruce. The plan never actually worked for Dagget because the board got behind Miranda/Talia instead of him, that is when he flipped at Bane and got killed.
      Your points about it being done in a very specific circumstance, when a known attack was under way, should easily have proved it was fraudulent, but as Fox said it would take time, and that is not what was being allowed.
      Yes, Bane and Miranda could have just hijacked the board with all the stock exchange stuff, but they wouldn’t have had Dagget onside to use his workforce to set up all the explosives.
      That’s how I interpreted this part of the plot.

  90. How about when Bruce falls a hundred feet or so with a rope tied around his waist multiple times and is completely fine?

  91. Ishmaylsays:

    I think the biggest flaw is in relation to #2 above – that scene should and would have been absolutely perfect to have the cops charging down Main Street on Bruce Wayne’s horses, ala “The Dark Knight Returns.” In my opinion, they missed a really amazing opportunity for some awesomesauce by not having that happen there.

  92. Lanthanumsays:

    2 Batwings. Banes army of 1000+ Men. No pilots to take the last batwing, from the armoury, that he stole the 5 Batmobiles from, leaving Batman to have air superiority… GG Bane. GG.

  93. marasays:

    the film was an insult to Bob Cane. Batman does not quit! Shame on Mr Nolan

  94. Tyrone P.says:

    The one thing I will add about the ending. In the movie how many times did they hint towards the bat mobile being on auto-pilot. To me. I think this was a hint that bruce wayne made a devise to operate the bat mobile remote control. I think he was flying to an extent. But because you have to be so many miles I believe he jumped the plane then piloted the plane with a remote reciever on board the bat plane. Like how he did the remote jammer for the bomb not to blow up. Same kind of set up just different re-routing system. He is batman so figuring how to fly a plane without being there is Genius.

  95. Pocedicsays:

    First off we aren’t told there is no crime the major even sails every city has crime the organized crime is gone because the criminals thAt were jailed in tdk were not able to be paroled so the organized crime that plagued Gotham was corrected as they are all in jail with no one to run the business.
    2nd Bruce had like 3 weeks to return to gotham once he escaped thr pit not a few hours. Before he escapes we are told the bomb will go off in like in 23 days. An d once we see Bruce in gotham the bomb goes off the next day. Plus Bruce travelled the world for 7 years with I’d or money in BB.
    3rd Bane did not break batmans back in the movie bruce had a slipped veritable. Not as serious as a broken back but painful. Also in the comics Bruce did not go yo shiva to get back in shape he went to her for retraining and the mental edge he needed but lost.
    Lastly afterbpersonallynsuffering a knee injury resulting in 3 knee surgeries and 3 years of rehab a brace can make a big difference not to mention will and a reason. The will Bruce has and he finally had his reason with the emergence of bane.

  96. Allanasays:

    About the “How bruce got back to gothan” stuff, I’d just like to point out something. In the movie, we have a lot of “time gaps”. It was gonna take 5 months to the bomb go off. After bruce climbed out of the pit, he took several days to come back, and not just hours. He got to gothan just before the explosion.

  97. Knight17says:

    the reason the movie is so great is that you are all still talking about it. I read half the novel before I went to the movie and have seen it two times. Everything is explainable if you remember it covers almost 6 months. The brace is explained more in the book. He actually puts it on his good leg first to learn how his leg works and then moves it to the bad leg. Sorrry if this is posted in the 164 other comments somewhere.
    Also the big issue with this move is that the academy uses the fact that is from a comic book to not give it any respect at award time.Nolan created the best trilogy of the past ten plus years. This is more creative and better than the Lord of the Rings. The whole cast is brilliant. My biggest issue is with the sound you have to listen pretty hard to hear some of the lines.

  98. Esteban Gutiérrezsays:

    your number 3 is flawed, you can easily guess when he leaves how time is left for the bomb to explode and when he’s already in gotham, the bomb will go off the next day… so it wasn’t in a matter of hours…

  99. Banesays:

    batman survived because he fixed the autopilot

  100. Zaxsays:

    If bane cudnt remove the mask due to the pain … how the hell waZ he able to have food and water ? ? ?

    1. jaypsays:

      Well, there’s a difference I’m sure btwn. having it removed “for you” or done carefully by you.

  101. Mr_Scorpiosays:

    How could Jim Gordon be both the Police Commissioner and literally the very last person to figure out that Bruce Wayne was The Batman?

  102. Commentorsays:

    When Batman gets in the Bat after saying ” No autopilot”, he flies upward and has to blast the top edge off a building to avoid crashing into it.

    Surely everyone worked out that this is when he jumped out and the autopilot took it the relatively straight route out to sea.

    If the Batmobile in the beginning of TDK can be driven completely unmanned then surely Bruce’s autopilot was capable of making the flight out to sea.

  103. fizban1970says:

    I’ll add another big flaw that I can’t believe no one has talked about, at least as far as I can see. That is the scene with Bruce and Talia after supposedly having sex in front of the fireplace, Bruce looks at, and runs his hand over her league of shadows branding scar, but thinks nothing of it????? Then totally relinguishes power of his empire to her. Not a smart move for a superhero who is supposed to be a great detective and very inteligent.

    1. MBIIsays:

      Didn’t even notice that… good catch

    2. johndegrandesays:

      It’s debatable whether that’s a branding symbol or a straight up scar. If you look closely at the branding iron in Begins, it looks a bit different than that. The symbol is enclosed in a circle, which Talia didn’t have. And then she immediately deflects that line of questioning by bringing up his massive amounts of scars. And power of the company is relinquished prior to that scene.

    3. Serithosays:

      Whoa seriously? I missed that, I might just have to find a photo to confirm but if that is the case than damn this movie really falls apart. Talia’s reveal as the mastermind behind all of it was the best thing(the only really twist) in the movie.

      1. gagounesays:

        Not really a twist, in every american “action” movie (but TDKR is more than an action movie), if there is a french actor, then that will be the bad guy/girl of the movie (remember Mission : Impossible ‘1’ with two french actors).
        Sorry, but i’m french so i noticed it in the beginning of the movie, just waiting to see when it will twist !

  104. Andysays:

    I’m fairly sure that Batman’s back wasn’t broken, only a vertebra was dislocated, at least thats what I remember in the film, and a dislocation is much easier to recover from than a broken back.

  105. Juananzsays:

    For the time span thing I have a hypothesis: When there are still about 11:45 minutes left in the bomb’s countdown, up til 10:30, a myriad of things happen. However, there’s a change to a scene with a lot less action than said period, and BOOM! All of a sudden you have only about 5:30 minutes left. That said, the last view of Batman in the cockpit could be either 10 seconds or more than 1:30 minutes away from the blast (I don’t quite remember the ammount of time before the last cockpit shot), so he could’ve ejected and gotten plenty of time before the explosion.

  106. Robinsays:

    Superman gave him a lift back to Gotham, saved him from the bat he also blew on the ice so that he wouldn’t fall in.

  107. The Dork Knight ;-)says:

    Wait a second, if the Bat was destroyed in the blast (auto pilot or not)…….. how was it in the hanger in the first place???

    1. MBIIsays:

      That’s what I was wondering but it was probably a different model or vehicle altogether, they were just looking at software upgrades.

  108. The Dork Knight ;-)says:

    Bane was a general letdown in the first place…… I was expecting something nasty and vile….. instead found an kindly English gentleman!!!

  109. ChuckRiverssays:

    There are plenty of disbelief-suspending moments, but for the most part I figured that the movie was so long that our imaginations could easily explain them. That being said, two things that do stand out…

    1) Blake figuring out Batman was a pretty big stretch; agreed on that front. Probably would have been a bit more realistic(?) if Blake suspected that Wayne FUNDED Batman, since clearly Batman uses all that advanced tech.

    2) I cannot fathom that the United States government would allow it’s NYC equivalent to be held hostage for FIVE MONTHS and only send in ONE TEAM. They established that Bane didn’t have that many guys… and with the size of Gotham, even with the Blackgate Prisoners & any other thugs they rounded up, surely Navy SEALS could have snuck in little by little & organized some sort of revolt.

    Other than that, agreed that it was a solid flick. I do wish that Batman took off his mask though when he “revealed” himself to Gordon. I just wanted ONE person to go “What?! But you’re so RICH!!” 😀

    1. MBIIsays:

      They did want to risk Bane blowing up Gotham with the nuke. And they did try to sneak people in, to no avail.

  110. han solosays:

    what i considered a flaw was essentially the entire plot. talia and bane are doing all this to accomplish ras al ghul mission and complete his legacy correct? ras’s mission as stated in batman begins was to destroy gotham because it has become a horrible place and in order for it to become a good place is to destroy it and rebuild it from the ground up. batman disagrees with his method and stops him. however after the events of the dark knight gotham has become a wonderful place. it is very peaceful and theres no crime and there are scenes of dialogue in which cops discuss how boring this time is. so hasnt batman essentially accomplished everything that ras al ghul wanted? it may not have been ras’s idea to go about it the right way without murdering but the end result is what he wanted. i know talia says how she wants revenge and wanted to torture and kill batman becasue he killed ras but we didnt know that untll batman escaped the pit. so all we knew untill then (and as far as batman knows) was that they were doing this to complete ras al ghul’s legacy but gotham was already a good place so they were ruining what he wanted, right? also the whole pit thing was a little farfetched, how were those people surving? who gave them food? who was running that prison and putting people there?

    1. MBIIsays:

      Nobody said Gotham was a wonderful place, just that organized crime had abated in the last few years. The corruption present in Gotham this time was of a different kind: the wealthy living large while the poor are left to fend for themselves. This is touched upon somewhat subtly in the movie, I just wish they just did a better job of placing that theme as the cause for the central conflict.

  111. Edmund Dante Harrissays:

    They made it quite clear that Bruce Wayne fixed the auto pilot function in the bat at the end. Clearly he got out of the bat long before it blew up. Perhaps in the cloak of the building he flew through.

  112. SEAN135Rsays:

    It’s rather random, but I was bothered by the fact that Scarecrow wasn’t wearing his mask as the judge. Also, the production design of the ‘court room’ seemed a little overdone – although brilliantly constructed – it took away from Nolan’s gritty take on Batman and had the slightest flavor of Schumacher’s staged feel.

    Love the film! Just nit-picking…

  113. Samsays:

    As for Blake, what I imagined was, Blake was the small boy whom Batman rescues in the 1st part along with Rachel, coz blake says “PRETTY GIRL IN HAND”, thats how I connected the story actually and also Bruce reveals his identity to Rachel with that boy still there (may be he was too small and he might not be knowin that actually)…No other way to connect the story…:/ :/

  114. Anderssays:

    “Conversely, knowing Batman, he isn’t one to team up with others.”

    If you knew Batman, you’d know he constantly teams up, not only with the members of the Justice League, Outsiders, Birds of Prey, Justice Society and Teen Titans, but also with a wide array of characters without team affiliations.

    1. MBIIsays:

      … which is what he was doing in the movie. He was working with Jim Gordon, Lucius Fox, John Blake, and Selina Kyle.

  115. MegaOphiuchussays:

    biggest flaw: how does Bane EAT?

    1. MBIIsays:

      He can take off the mask but it will be really painful for him. So I guess he doesn’t take his own sweet time eating anything.

      1. MegaOphiuchussays:

        Maintaining his large frame would require lots of food, and judging by the intense pain he experiences when even one of the mask’s components are disaligned, it’s a good bet he can’t stand taking the whole mask off even for a second. So eating would have been unbearable, let alone eating quickly. Nolan didn’t account for that.

        Nonetheless, the design is cool. I’m thinking of cosplaying just for the coolness factor, coz I’m bald and large too. For Bane, though, it’s still unworkable =)

      2. MegaOphiuchussays:

        or maybe he’s always given a morphine IV drip during mealtimes. LOL!

      3. MegaOphiuchussays:


  116. The ending is easily explained and hardly ambiguous . . Batman escaped the nuclear blast because he was saved . . . by Superman;)

  117. MBIIsays:

    I loved the film too, but I do agree that these are all minor issues that should have been addressed. All in all, an amazing movie.

  118. Shadowsays:

    About the prison part it’s said that it’s Bane’s prison now. It is inferred that Ra’s killed most of the inmates and later Bane put in ones like Bruce

  119. Actually the last “flaw” is not a flaw.

    1) At the end when we find out that Bruce Wayne fixed the autopilot, which leads us to believe that he didn’t fix it to not use it.

    2) More importantly, when we last see Batman in the cockpit it is only after he flies over Robin on the bridge. The way the scene played was Robin looking up at the Batwing, and then a quick cut to Batman in the cockpit. This scene was not really happening , it was what Robin was thinking as the Batwing flew over. Watch it again and you’ll understand. Thus at the end when Alfred goes to pay the bill and is turned away because Bruce Wayne already paid it for him and therefore is alive and enjoying life with Selina.

  120. I appreciate this article. I, too, thought about all the plot holes after seeing the film the night it opened. I have yet to see it again, so some of what bothered me may clear itself up. But to me I have all kinds of issues with the ending of the film. I don’t believe the whole “because he is batman” argument works when examining how Bruce survivies the blast.
    Nolan has worked to make his Batman films as realistic as he could given the source material. But then in this final film in the series he decides to just embrace the more comic book side of the character, with its impossible escapes, illogical connections, and plot holes a plenty. Batman surviving impossible events is well and fine in the comics, precisely because it is the comics. But having Bruce survive the nuclear blast, in this universe, seemed like a rejection of what Nolan had done in this series to this point.
    Nolan wanted his cake and eat it too. He wanted to kill the Batman, but not really kill the Batman. He wanted Bruce to be happy, but leave it ambigious enough for debate. I am fine with Bruce moving on from Batman. But in this film it never felt earned. I never felt Bruce had overcome his demons and was ready to let go. That is the biggest logic issue in my mind. How does Bruce come to a place where he is able to let Batman go?
    Sure he did leave Batman for 8 years, but as we saw it left him a wreck physically and emotionally for much of that time. How does what happens to Bruce in this film lead to him letting go and be able to move on? I mean he fights, he loses, he goes to a prison, is made whole, returns and sacrifices himself. Nothing there resolves his guilt over Rachel’s death, nothing there pushes him to let go of the guilt over his parents death, and nothing in the film brings Bruce to a point where he can say to himself that Gotham no longer needs Batman. I am sorry, but that is the biggest plot hole to me. That is the biggest irritation and largest source of frustration for me with the film. Bruce’s peace is not earned and there is no effort to try and realisitcally get him to where he needs to be in order to let Batman go.

  121. elprotestantesays:

    I don’t know how many times we have to read about articles with the writer’s opinions and making stuff up or telling us what work on this movie and what didn’t, base in their own opinions. How many similar articles about The Dark Knight Rises they are going to make. And all with the same crapp that sometimes make less sense that the whole movie. Talking about a number of flaws when sometimes some of those flaws don’t even exist.
    But even that I am going to give my opinion about his points.
    First! The Dent Act is more simbolic than any other thing that wants to be. The joker had the control of all the organized crime in the last movie. Putting him away will be result in a big hit to the organized crime in gotham for a while. 8 years was maybe to much but this is just an excuse to justify the city without the Batman. Probably it was some crime but something that regular cops could control. The complain here is pretty mild.

    It was no blood because this movie is directed to teenager audience, PG – 13 and yes maybe the lack of vlood took away the realism of some scenes but this a complete minor complain. You guys know Hollywood!

    In the comics if you know the character of Robin, one of the versions put hime with very good investigation skills so maybe that is the reason he knew Bruce was Batman. This is a valid complain but for fans of the comic maybe not much. I think they should explain a little more.

    I am not going to talk about the brace because this is the reporter trying to find the fifth leg in a cat.

    Talia was not the main villain and yes maybe you could put her fighting Catwoman but be so a limited character, the only one that was. This is a fair complain but the movie was not centralized in her.

    Prisoners being supportive? Oh my God dude, the only ones that talked to Bruce were a couple of old guys. THats doesn;t mean they were not dangerous and escaping from prison is always a symbol of freedom for people im jail not matter where they came from.

    This is not the first time we see some bones fixed the old fashion way. Maybe Bruce was not that hurt and he was just a Winny. Again trying to find the fifth leg to the cat.

    How Bruce Got Back to Gotham. Dude you really need a five hour movie? The city was under siege for 84 days at one moment. Did anybody saw the TV on Bruce prison? Obviously more time happened that the one we realized. Maybe we need the classic ” One month later” on the bottom of the screen.

    Banes’ vs The Cops –> this was the biggest complain of most people and I joined them. This was more simbolic. Becuase is the dark knight we don’t need a mediaval style brawl.
    Nola’n fights in the three Batmans are being some of his weakness. He need a better fight coreographer.

    At the end, the autopilot was fixed so dude, He escaped a long time before that the one’s audience think. HE was not in the plane, he was long gone but Nolan’s me us believed he was still inside and die to make us suffer. To then give us what we want, a nice closing happy ending.

  122. Difference between fact and fiction is that fiction has to make sense. – Tom Clancy

  123. Serithosays:

    Ok, first off I would like to say that I appreciate this list. I saw the Dark Knight Rises just the other day and right off the bat(whoa that was so not intended, seriously) nearly all of these things occurred to me and frankly I felt the movie was terrible for it. I know that isn’t your intent with this list and I am a lover of the new Batman franchise but this sad to say was a big disappointment. But oddly enough, the number 1 reason you gave as being a flaw, the “How did batman get away from the bomb” is the easiest to explain. In the closing scenes, before Bruce and Selena are shown together for Alfred(another flaw, Alfred sobbed at his grave that he had failed then sees him in Florence and gives him a nod? Sure it was his dream, but he should have at least been like, “Oh thank God.” rather than, “Good luck sir, knew you were alright all along.”) it has Fox asking his techs to tell him what he could have done about the Batwing’s autpilot problem. They tell him that it has been fixed for several months and Fox is like, “Oh really?!” So Batman probably jumped in the river and let the Batwing autopilot it’s way out to sea. So not really a flaw there. Here is one instead, How did Bane know where the Armory was? Fox had collected all of the goodies, stored them away off the books in a company that had virtually no employees at that point so there was no one else even in a position to know where it was. So how did Bane know to get his digging crews to go straight for it? Or how was the Batwing able to survive a point blank shot from the Bad Guy’s Batmobile’s Cannon? How was the Batbike able to take out said Batmobile with a single shot of her significantly smaller cannons? Anybody?

    1. Serithosays:

      Oh just read all of the other folks commenting on that very thing so oops. But still, the other points are still there.

  124. alannahsays:

    I was mostly wondering why the cops who had been trapped underground for months were still clean shaven when they got out.

  125. Gary Ellersays:

    a lot of your “flaws” are just you bitching about things you don’t like or didn’t understand about the movie. I will explain the end…After the jet took off, mere seconds after it was in the air and flying out…HE EJECTED and split town and used auto pilot as it mentioned at the end of the film. damn that was hard to explain without having to use anything other than my memory of the film that i saw the night it came out.

  126. Jeff in 92833says:

    To me, the oddest thing is that Bane and his army were committing suicide by remaining in Gotham. Granted, the lower ranks could have been unaware, but there were half a dozen who knew that the unstable reactor was going to explode.

  127. Mengessays:

    I haven’t read the 250 or so comments on this page, but I have an explanation for all the plot holes. When the film was nearing completion, there were several reports that the rough cut of the movie was somewhere in the 6-7 hour range. That’s a lot of movie to leave on the cutting room floor. I’m sure the explanations for all these “flaws” could be found somewhere in there.

  128. Cocosays:

    How about the fact that there was snow and ice everywhere, yet you couldn’t see anyone’s breath. It was obviously freezing there…

  129. CoupDeGracesays:

    He fixed the autopilot, so he was able to escape that way. My dad even managed to figure that one out.

  130. hoisinsays:

    I didn’t like how Nolan lifted the Phantom Zone scene from Supergirl or the entire ending of The Iron Giant

  131. Joshua Anthony Devesosays:

    hey, so this is wrong… after the ending, lucious fox finds out that bruce fixed the autopilot on the bat plane, so he was able to get out easily while everyone thought otherwise, so alfred seeing bruce is completely real

  132. Gonzalosays:

    Also, the 10′ conversation between Gordon, the cops and batman OVER THIN ICE

  133. DorkKnightsays:

    10: Yeah if the city had gotten to the point where they passed a super harsh crime bill, people were pretty much ready to take care of business. The people weren’t content to tolerate corruption anymore. In addition, Gotham had over a year of clean streets after Dent’s death and the Joker’s capture. So I imagine there would be clean up. There was corruption in TDKR, but it was shown to be more in the vein of characters like John Daggett. While there might have been some other forms of corruption, it was nothing like in the first two films.

    9. I don’t really see this as a flaw. Its a matter of taste. Honestly, its nice to see a film that doesn’t rely on sex, blood, and the f-word thrown out every five seconds. There are movies like that I will watch. But Its really a weak point for a list like this.

    8. The facade is the key to figuring out Bruce is Batman. The facade is the only thing that keeps a person from making the logical leaps necessary to realize the truth (see Batman: Year One). If Bruce Wayne isn’t really a foppish douche, then what is he? Besides, that scene isn’t really about Bruce Wayne being Batman. Its about Joseph Gordon Levitt being the next Batman.

    7. Virtually all of Batman’s technology, since the beginning of Batman stories, have been prototypes or based on prototypes/concepts, on the cutting edge. If the magic brace bothers you, why doesn’t the memory cloth cape? Or the belt that lifts him along his grapple line (the real life version of this is a much larger box). The brace appeared to do the work that his leg couldn’t (hence the more powerful kick). Its not really a stretch considering Wayne Industries develops this sort of military prototype tech, often for Batman’s use.

    6. This is actually a decent point. Movie physics at its best. Good guys roll 20s, bad guys roll ones.

    Wish Talia and Bane had more of a send off, but Christopher Nolan always made these movies more about Batman than the villains.

    5. Decent point, but I assume the League murdered the vicious ones who took place in presumably raping and murdering Talia’s mother to death. The Pit was Bane’s prison, for his enemies. I’m pretty sure if some dick stuck me in prison forever, I’d help whoever wanted to escape to kick his ass. Especially if he drops the rope from the top after escaping.

    Besides, Bane specifically paid one of those men to take care of Bruce until Gotham was destroyed.

    4. Decent point. There’s arguments about the idea that this was less severe than the Knightfall injury. But its still movie medicine and a weak plot point.

    3. Bruce had about a month to get back into Gotham. Also, in Batman Begins, he travels from Gotham to somewhere in Asia (Tibet? China?) without any money. And there’s any number of ways for a super ninja like Batman to sneak into a city. Hell, Wayne Manor was outside the island part.

    So your question is, “how did Bruce sneak back into Gotham with all of his Batman equipment?” Good question.

    2. A decent conversation here. But it never struck me as particularly important. A distraction to get at Bane, find the trigger, and get at the bomb. I mean, what strategy would the police have really thought up in the span of a few hours? Besides, if each side is more or less matched, its not that hard to imagine the cops winning. At that point, I wasn’t going, “Yeah I wonder if the cops will come out on top.” I was going “holy god, Batman and Bane are going to fight again. This is awesome!”

    1. Maybe the entire cockpit ejects (like in the helicopter from Goldeneye), which was hidden by the building explosion. So Batman, escapes, you see a close up of him looking out over the bay while the Bat flies away with the bomb, then boom. Bruce survives. Cue happy ending.

    Really most of the “flaws” people have with TDKR are like this. Poorly thought out. I mean, sure sometimes good movies have weak plot points. This has maybe one or two. But the rest of people’s problems with the movie are answered by the movie. I think people are looking for problems. This is why we can’t have anything nice. Someone gives you the best superhero movie in the world, and people want to tear it down because its successful.

  134. hesidosays:

    I agree with most, but about the ending: There were several references to auto-pilot not working, which was a build-up to the “there’s no way he can survive without the auto-pilot, he’s dead” moment, however, it turns out that some months ago it was patched in with Bruce’s credentials, and it was mentioned that the only person other than Fox (as he was a “busy” mind) that could fix the auto-pilot was Bruce himself. He ditched the plane as soon as he can and probably not even left the Gotham island if he didn’t jump at sea, a scene left out simply for climax.

  135. great list but for #1 he used the auto pilot. Bruce Wayne and Fox have a brief talk about fixing it when he first shows Bruce the batwing

  136. bonfaysays:

    it was over 5 months from the time he got his back hurt by bane till he returned to gotham. his back wasn’t broken. he had a slipped disk…plus come on…it’s a movie dude. he did get hurt when he didn’t make his jumps unless he just likes to appear to be shivering in pain.

    as for bruce getting back to the states, it was more than a few hours. if you paid attention you would have noticed there were more than a few days between him leaving the pit and bruce appearing in gotham.

    and you’re question how bruce wayne aka batman how he can get in and out of gotham city, even in lock down? this guy has been hiding from the cops for years. he’s the friggin dark knight. of course he can do the simple task of getting back into town.

  137. Sootycowboysays:

    He used the auto poilot ok sure, he was shown on camera in the cockpit of the bat before the blast went off for 10 seconds, and he had to travel at least 6 miles to escape the blast radius, so thats 10/60=1.6 1.6/60= 0.0027
    0.0027 hours
    6/0.0027=2,222miles per hour
    so very nearly 3x the speed of sound!
    “He’s Batman!”


  138. letummorsmortissays:

    I can think of a big one.
    The fact that it was made.

  139. Marianasays:

    I havent noticed many of this flaws…

  140. JustReadTheCommentsays:

    Only problem i had which wasn’t really a problem, it just made go “Pssssh really” followed by a quick chuckle is when Batman gets back into Gothem and he makes the big Bat Signal made of fire on the bridge.Maybe he was making a statement i dont know, but you have to save your whole city in like 12 hours hours and you’re on top of a bridge tagging it up with your bat sign -___- OHH batman how you just have all the time in the world haha

  141. how did Gordon survive the truck crash if Talia didn’t?

  142. Vigneshsays:

    During the wall street scene all it would have taken to kill bane was to put a bullet into his head. A lot of policemen had guns. But instead he gets into a fistfight with Batman. Also in the scene where Batman and Selina flee through the Bat , Selina could have shot Bane (considering Batman never uses guns) who just stands there and watches!

  143. The last scene was explained from the fact that they realised the auto pilot was working all along (a feature that was earlier beleived to be faulty) so he could have had it on autopilot much earlier then the explosion and still escaped.

  144. Davesays:

    Nice article, however there’s one main flaw that bothers me way more than anything else. Why would Talia and Bane want to commit suicide as they do in the movie? They give no intention of wanting to escape.

  145. leesays:

    i’m surprised that no one notice the lack of trains in this movie since it was a big deal in the first. that was one thing bruce’s dad helpef build for the city. also if a stadiun is collapsing around you, you would’ve notice. no matter how hard you were running. also bane’s men were suppose to be mercenaries, why would they let bane set off a nomb and kill themselves? they do things for money, not ideology.

  146. gueswhosays:

    All that was flawless, why?……………..Because he’s Batman! That answers all this articles 10 Flaws. He’s Batman!!!!!

  147. funisforassholessays:

    Here’s what bothered me: Bane knew who Batman really was, and had a very intricate plan involving stealing from Wayne Enterprises R&D. With all that time underground, did no one think to check out what was beneath Bruce Wayne’s stately home? Even in the montage when they ransack the wealthy Gothamites’ houses, Wayne Manor is left untouched.

  148. your all forgetting the most important thing, its just a film. most super hero movies are made up from impossible and near impossible things so why keep saying its not posable and that would never happen, if you seriously can do better you do it

  149. Richardsays:

    I dont know if the writer was aware but there is a scene where Fox is told that the autopilot system was fixed on the batjet thingy (sorry I havent seen the movie since it was released but i know its there) and then Fox smiles because he realises that Bruce is alive and the scene where Alfred sees Bruce is real.

  150. Justin Lynchsays:

    #5 The former prisoners were all murdered by Ra’s al Ghul when setting Bane free, Bane was paying them to keep Bruce alive.
    #4 Bruce’s back wasn’t fractured, it was dislocated, the Lazarette Pit’s doctor pushed the contusion into place before being held up on to the rope (long enough to grow a full beard), while being supplied food and water by the League of Shadows.

  151. You missed How the dirt bikes were brought in the stock exchange and 5 minutes into the chase scene, it becomes Night all of a sudden.. wtf?

  152. Swishsays:

    I see three things. One, you have neglected a flaw that I noticed and two you added a couple things I don’t see as flaws. I’ll start with those. First, the ending. I didn’t catch it the first time I saw the film, but the second time I noticed it. After the explosion, there is a quick scene of some mechanics telling Fox that the autopilot on the Batpod had been fixed, implying that Bruce Wayne was not in the pod as long as we suspected, which would allow him to escape. Second, the other comments are right. Bruce had 23 days to make it back to Gotham. However, I do completely agree that the three months he had to recover would in no way shape or form heal his back so much as to make him able to fight. This being said, does anyone else find it funny that Bruce had enough time to make a giant flaming bat sign on the bridge before he got to work?
    Now for my flaw I noticed. When Bane enters the stock exchange, it is in broad daylight, and people are actively trading stocks. He then runs an 8-minute computer algorithm and when that is finished and he leaves the exchange, it is pitch black outside. I’m pretty sure it’s not that bright 8 minutes before the darkest part of the night, and if for some reason in Gotham it is, I’m pretty sure guys that work on Gotham’s Wall Street equivalent aren’t working that late anyway. The timing in that scene just really bothered me. All flaws aside, still a FANTASTIC film.

  153. #1 maybe he hid inside an old refrigerator?

  154. One thing…talia didnt exactly “die” her and her father aren’t from that world…they possess a body but in the arkham city game she permanently possessed a dead (freshly) woman from her love for bruce…in the movie she was born more human and was mortal so she died (possibly to come back as her immortal self in a later movie?) who knows.

    1. And also bane didnt break his back…bane BELEIVED he did but as the guy said the spine was unalligned…the set up was to stand him up at an angle so the spine realligns and heals…(week in movie time)

  155. Jake from State Farmsays:

    Why didn’t batman just climb the rope out of the pit rather then making the jump?

  156. tomsays:

    Auto pilot was fixed so he ditched the bat, but the bomb had a 5 mile blast radius, so he had to fly the bomb over 5 miles in a minute, + the fallout zone so 10 miles in a minute

  157. TheJokersays:

    #1 is false, Lucius Fox and the two technicians discover that Bruce Wayne put a software patch on the autopilot system without telling them. Thus he was able to get away whilst making everyone believe he was dead, in order for a fresh starts. SUCK ON THAT!

  158. Ryansays:

    I think bane didn’t die, and he flew the bomb away!

  159. Ryan Milessays:

    not a flaw per say, just funny:

  160. Kylesays:

    I have searched the internet for quite some time about “flaws” with The Dark Knight Rises. And among all of the flaws that people list, no one has mentioned how in the hell Lucius Fox managed to recover The Bat in one piece after it dragged a nuclear bomb into the middle of the ocean. Everyone is concerned with did Batman/Bruce Wayne really survive (also a good argument), but no one ever asked not only how did The Bat survive, but how did Lucius get it back (referring to the seen where two engineers tell Lucius that the auto pilot had been fixed for 6 months). Not even Lucius Fox himself questioned why he has The Bat back in the movie.

  161. Bearsays:

    #1 is false I know this was posted a year ago but I just found this Bruce fixed the Auto Pilot.

  162. doctor_robotsays:

    what about the wall-street hostage scene. they escape in daylight, then suddenly it’s night.

  163. Jacksonsays:

    what should be added to number one is the fact that somehow the Bat was recovered and Fox was able to discover the autopilot function activated. Wouldn’t the Bat have been completely demolished in the detonation?

  164. Justinsays:

    I have arguments for at least 8 out of 10 of these entries.. actually all of them. If you are going to criticize a movie you should at least give it a second watch. Almost all of your questions or disbelief is explained entirely through dialogue. I could go on and embarrass you by pointing out all the lines from the movie that debunk your entire list, but I won’t. the only reason I took the time to write a comment is because your last entry, your number one flaw of the movie, really aggravated me the most. if you continued watching or payed attention at all, you would have seen that Fox answers your question. throughout the movie it is mentioned multiple times that the bat does not have a proper working autopilot. In 1 of the last scenes of the movie fox says he could never get the autopilot fixed, when 1 of the technicians replies that there was a software patch inputed a few weeks ago. Fox asks by who and the technician answers the ID says Bruce Wayne. Meaning that Bruce fixed it and MOST LIKELY used it during his trip out to drop the bomb in the bay. Literally every single 1 of your “flaws” could be argued by common sense or by just paying attention to the f*****g film. This whole article was 1 big “flaw”. DO THE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE. In no way should you have wrote this article without watching the film at least 1 more time. I think a career change is in order.

  165. Richard Atkinssays:

    #10 It doesn take a genius to figure out that what the officer was saying was a politcal stunt in the movie (watch news more often) #8 Blake didnt know for sure, he just put some coincidences together and suspected wayne as batman and also wayne didnt resist or protest it. #7 the magic brace. The company supplies tech for the army so of course he has acccess to it and its also an old brick wall. #5 the prisoners. It was described as a hell only because freedom was right there and no one could reach it. Also her father killed the original people that were there (most at least) the remaining are now old. People become friends in prison and i dont really see older persons fighting and one of them was a doctor in the prison. The reasons some of the inmates were there for are unknown. He escaped because he never flew the bomb out. If ypu paid attention they said the autopilot was fixed due to a log recorded in the lab. So he obviously ditched it and let the autopilot fly it. They showed you he was in it but not his location. Someone else took care of #3. As for bane and the cops their tank was destroyed and you dont really have time to reload weapons if they charge right at you. It was the fastest soulution because they only had some minutes left and also if the citizens as well as bane’s men are fighting the police at close range then you just cant start shooting but i agreesl that more could have been done with the scene

  166. Ben Tignorsays:

    Actually, at the end, Lucius is talking to some engineers in Applied Sciences and asks them if there was anything he could have done to fix the autopilot, and they say that it was fixed in a software patch months before. This simply implies that Batman bailed out of the Batwing into the ocean and swam to shore. Seems pretty simple to me. Most of these have been proven false since the film’s release.

    1. Ben Tignorsays:

      I just realized that someone already answered this one. Oops…

  167. Zac Hullsays:

    I get annyoed beacuse why didnt Fox just drown the room with the bomb in it when Bane had him hostage. He said to Bruce that he would protect it with his life.

  168. martinsays:

    how did batman have time to write a letter to Blake when there where only a few days to provide a plan to fight back the villains. I know Batman is smart enough to think of a plan quickly (especially the cartoon portrayals where he can do anything) but come on It’s not like he knew the only way to get the bomb out of gotham was with his batwing and faking his death in the process. he total made that decision at the last minute

  169. martinsays:

    the entire Nolan series always has major flaws because he just cant quite properly show how the batman universe can be with batman’s shitty portrayal and unorganized plots. its just not realistic enough, Christian bale sucks and dark knight and rises were only exceptional good because of portrayals of joker and bane. they should have received more credit for being a great villain cause we all know bale’s batman could never live up to being a true hero or the true batman we all know from cartoons and video games

  170. H. Blinghamsays:

    With a few additional years for perspective, I hope the author and others have realized there is a lot MORE wrong with Rises, and that is far from “brilliantly written.” Selina Kyle was a frankenstein’s mess of a character, about 12 different women nay shoutouts to comics, most of which were not very good, who would not have been recognized as the same character if they didn’t all have Anne Hathaway’s Face. The inclusion of Talia as love interest when the film promoted Catwoman so heavily was practically a bait and switch, but problems with the women are expected with Nolan. Not so the men.

    Bruce Wayne is passive, not much of a detective, and quits being Batman more often than my girl changes her hairstyle. The 9 months between the first 2 films are the extent of his lifelong commitment to being Batman. 9 months. Then he quits at the end of TDK, becomes B for another 15 minutes in TDKR and quits again. Clearly the filmmakers have no grasp of Wayne. Like Selina, they took the names only and delivered nothing of the characters those names represent.

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