The Flash Reportedly Wraps Production This Week

The Flash

After spending close to seven years stuck in development hell, during which time countless writers and directors boarded the project only to drop out shortly afterward, there was a genuine fear among DCEU fans that The Flash might never end up being made.

Those feelings were only exacerbated early last year when leading man Ezra Miller became embroiled in controversy after a video showing him choking out a female fan went viral, but director Andrés Muschietti is entering the final stretch of production. Cameras started rolling at the end of April, so it’s been a lengthy shoot for the Scarlet Speedster’s long-awaited solo debut, even by the standards of the era.

As you can see below, the latest whisperings are claiming that Muschietti is set to call it a wrap as soon as this week, which incidentally presents an interesting question regarding Ben Affleck’s involvement.

Previous reports indicated that the DCEU’s canonical Batman was set to arrive on set at the beginning of this month, which means he’ll have spent less time working on The Flash than Michael Keaton, should the project call it quits before Sunday. Maybe those rumors of him being killed off are true, or maybe he doesn’t factor as heavily into the story as we’d hoped.