The Flash Trailer Reveals Who Wears Spray-Painted Batsuit

the flash

Up until the first footage dropped at DC FanDome this past weekend, the closest we’d gotten to an official first look at The Flash came from director Andy Muschietti, who regularly posted either cryptic images or closeup costume shots on social media to get people talking.

The most notable was an intriguing mashup of Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne’s duds, with a Batsuit being spray-painted red, showing the Flash’s insignia overlaid on top of the iconic bat emblem. It led to all sorts of rumors both plausible and incredibly far-fetched, but some online sleuthing has uncovered the identity of the owner.

As discovered by IGN, the alternate Barry from another reality seen standing in the background alongside Sasha Calle’s Supergirl is sporting the DIY duds, which you can see below.

Set photos hinted that we’d be getting a pair of Barry Allens to go along with The Flash‘s confirmed pair of Bruce Waynes, leaving Supergirl as the only superhero confirmed for the movie so far who doesn’t have a duplicate. With the multiverse in play, literally anything and everything is possible, and the FanDome sizzle reel has only served to create more questions and generate even more speculation about where the story is headed.