The Golden Arches Of McDonald’s Are Raised In First Clip For The Founder


Chances are, regardless of where on planet Earth you’re reading this post, you’re likely not too far away from one of the many, many Golden Arches that symbolize McDonald’s, the fast food chain originally founded in 1940. Official figures reveal that there are currently more than 36,000 restaurants operating worldwide, but in a few weeks’ time, The Weinstein Company and director John Lee Hancock will be shedding light on the story behind the empire with The Founder.

Already screening in select US theaters to ensure Hancock’s biopic is in contention for awards season, The Founder is on course to expand nationwide on January 20, when we’ll be introduced to Michael Keaton’s Ray Kroc, a relentless and indeed ruthless salesman who comes into contact with impresarios Mac and Dick McDonald during the 1950s. Back then, the McDonald’s brand was little more than a modest diner, but Kroc sensed franchise potential, eventually going on to construct one of the biggest companies in the land.

Now that TWC’s marketing push has taken into effect, Deadline brings forth the first clip for The Founder, which features Keaton’s protagonist dolling out some wisdom regarding those famous Golden Arches: “They signify family, it signifies community. It’s a place where Americans come together to break bread.”

Also starring Laura Dern as Ray Kroc’s wife Ethel Fleming, The Founder looks to be a sharp, entertaining account of one man’s pursuit of the American Dream. Whether it’s enough to place Michael Keaton’s name in the running for Oscar season for a third consecutive year is another question – after Birdman and Spotlight, that is – but we’ll be keeping track of Hancock’s true-life drama as its theatrical release draws near.

The Founder has been screening in select theaters since December 7, and will expand nationwide on January 20.