The Internet Is Baffled & Angry At Sneakerella Announcement For Disney+

There were a lot of exciting announcements to come out of Disney+ Day. With Marvel Zombies sending fans into a frenzy and fantasy classic Willow getting a full TV series revival on the platform, there was something for everyone announced today.

However, one of the newest films set to hit the platform has left Disney fans downright confused, if not outright angry. When the trailer dropped for Sneakerella, no one was ready for it. This modern-day twist on the classic fairytale features a sneaker-making Chosen Jacobs, known for his previous role as Mike Hanlon in It and the follow-up film It: Chapter Two.

A few users were simply angry that Sneakerella got a full trailer drop over other more popular Disney properties.

Others downright said the concept of the film was racist at its core.

I mean, seriously, they just want to talk!

The worst part? Even the item at the core of the film wasn’t impressive, according to some respondents.

It looks like Sneakerella is sure to stir up some controversy when it hits Disney+ on Feb. 17, 2022. Do you have problems with the new film? Tell us in the comments!