Marvel Zombies Announcement Sends The Internet Into A Frenzy

Fans of Marvel and horror were understandably enthused by today’s announcement that Marvel Zombies is going to become an entire animated series. A spin-off of a hit one-off episode from What If…? , the new series looks like it will draw on the comic and origins roots. 

Marvel Zombies originated as a limited-run comic series in 2005 that would see several sequels and crossovers throughout the 2000s. While the zombie episode of What If…? deferred from the plot and tone of the original comics, fans are hopeful it will have an influence on the series given that the series logo is lifted from the comics. It would also make for a unique introduction of the more recently acquired X-Men and Fantastic Four — prominent figures in the comic — to enter the MCU.

We only got a quick glimpse of what the series will look like, but fans are already expressing their excitement online. 

Marvel Studios’ Tweet sharing the iconic spirally-O logo went viral earlier today.

Many fans expressed their feelings of overwhelming hype at the magnitude of announcements coming out of Marvel Studios today.

“You don’t realize how hard the marvel zombies comics go,” one fan of the comics pointed out, sharing images of panels from the comic series.

And many more fans are sharing their hopes that the series draws from the comics, often backhandedly.

One even opined, “So is it gonna be good this time or…?”

That said, comic author Robert Kirkman addressed fans on Twitter, denying any involvement in the series. “I’m not a writer or producer on it,” he wrote, “I learned about the show today with everyone else.”

Marvel Zombies was announced during Marvel Studios’ Disney Plus Day Showcase, featuring more announcements from Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel, and other major studios.