The Internet Is Buzzing Over These Retro Star Wars Costumes

May 25, 1977 — the day that will go down in science fiction history forever as the premiere of the first Star Wars film. The movie quickly became a worldwide phenomenon and has had a massive following ever since.

While we have tons of Star Wars merch and costumes to enjoy every year around Halloween, people had to make due a lot more back in the day. A couple of Redditors showed off their retro costumes for the series and everyone has been gushing over their old-school gloriousness.

One user named ItsNeverTwins shared a costume he wore for Halloween back in 1977 that was handmade and people immediately adored the “screen accurate” look.

Another impressive costume set was shared by kkocan72 with his brother back in the 80s. R2-D2 and a storm trooper have never looked better together, right? Apparently the costume was even made by his grandma!

As Halloween approaches, we can only hope more Star Wars fans share their epic costume — retro and new alike — for us all to enjoy!