The internet is debating if James Gunn should make a ‘Justice League’ movie

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Though it started out as the unlikely spinoff from The Suicide Squad that no one really wanted, Peacemaker has turned out to be one of the most crowd-pleasing entries in the DCEU to date. It’s so popular online that it’s even been declared the biggest streaming series of the past few weeks, beating out The Book of Boba Fett. Poaching writer/director James Gunn from Marvel has turned out to be a winning move from Warner Bros., then, so you can bet he’ll be doing many more DC projects in the future.

Sure enough, we know another Suicide Squad show is on the way, but maybe this isn’t the best use of Gunn’s talents. What if WB put him to work on rebooting their flagship franchise and invited Gunn to direct a new Justice League movie? That’s the possibility that fans have been debating on Twitter following the internet-breaking season finale of Peacemaker. Fan @blurayangel got the ball rolling by pitching the idea. As you’d expect, the notion received a range of reactions.

Some people are all in.

Others… not so much.

And some just want to watch the world burn.

Unsurprisingly, many still remain loyal to Zack Snyder.

A lot of folks, even those who are Gunn diehards, however, feel that his talents are best utilized on more obscure characters.

Maybe Aquaman‘s James Wan should take the gig instead?

Now there’s an idea!

As much as Gunn’s signature blend of irreverent humor and underlying heart has helped revitalize the DCEU across The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, he probably isn’t the right guy to tackle the Justice League themselves, seeing as he likes to poke fun at the A-listers. So long as WB keeps giving him the opportunity to do his thing and turn obscure comic book heroes into fan-favorites, though, we’ll be happy.

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