The Internet Is Obsessed With Tom Hanks’ New Sci-Fi Movie

People love the science fiction genre, they love cute animal sidekicks even more, and they sure as hell love America’s Dad Tom Hanks, so it’s no surprise to discover that Finch has been trending on social media after premiering on AppleTV+ yesterday.

The heartwarming, often hilarious and regularly melancholic road trip buddy adventure has been drawing strong reviews from critics, with Hanks unsurprisingly being singled out for yet another fantastic performance. The two-time Academy Award winner plays the title character, who builds a robot companion to keep his dog company in the event of his death, before the unlikely trio head out on a dangerous cross-country journey.

As you can see from the reactions below, the internet can’t get enough of Finch, with Hanks becoming the go-to guy for acclaimed dramas that debut exclusively on streaming, despite the fact that’s the complete opposite of his intentions.

Apple’s platform could find itself enjoying a bump in subscriber numbers given the goodwill Hanks has cultivated among the public during his reign as one of the industry’s most beloved stars. His name alone is often enough to convince people that his latest project it worth checking out, and Finch most definitely is.